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28 Nov - 1 Dec, 2024

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Terms of entry | ISPS HANDA Australian Open

  1. You accept and are bound by the following Terms and Conditions (and the terms and rules displayed at the Venue or otherwise provided to You) (Terms) with Golf Australia (GA) in respect of the golf tournament you are attending (Event).  You have the right to view the Event and no other rights in respect of the Event.

  2. GA reserves its right to cancel, withdraw, postpone or reschedule the Event.

  3. None of GA, PGA Tour Australasia Pty Ltd, DP World Tour, WPGA Tour of Australasia nor any player in, or sponsor or broadcaster of, the Event, nor any of their associates, subsidiaries, officers, agents or employees (all of the above being Parties), is liable to You or Your guests for any Claims incurred as a result of the Event being cancelled, postponed or rescheduled. You and your guests also release each of the Parties from all Claims You or Your guests may have or incurred by You or Your guests arising out of, in connection with, or incidental to any act, omission or negligence of any the Parties. Claims includes actions, damages, compensation, losses and expenses. You assume all risk and danger incidental to the Event and the game of golf and release GA and its subsidiaries, the host broadcasters and all of their respective sponsors, participating players and all of their agents from any and all liabilities resulting from the assumption of such risk and danger.

  4. GA reserves the right to inspect Your clothing, baggage, containers or person whilst You are at the Event or at the Venue. Whilst at the Venue, You are responsible for your own property.

  5. You must obey all reasonable directions and rules given by any of the Parties at which the Event is held (Venue).

  6. You cannot bring the following items into the Venue weapons; flares; fireworks; explosives; smoke bombs; illegal substances; alcohol; poles; step ladders; musical instruments; horns; banners; flags; signs; balls; frisbees; any political, religious or race related materials; or any other dangerous items. 

  7. You cannot do any of the following whilst at the Venue gamble; use flash photography including digital cameras and mobile phones or other lighting devices; engage in ambush marketing; display commercial or offensive signage; enter restricted areas; engage in any dangerous activities.

  8. You may be refused entry into, or removed from, the Venue if You do not obey the Terms or any reasonable direction of any of the Parties, or if You disrupt the Event.

  9. If You are photographed, filmed or taped, at the Event, you consent to the Parties or the broadcaster of the Event photographing, filming or taping You and You authorise them to broadcast, publish, license and/or use any photographs, film, recordings or images of You without compensation.

  10. For information on GA’s privacy policy, please refer to

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