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Golf Australia high performance program

Mission statement

To create and implement elite athlete preparation platforms and structures which provide the best possible coaching, support service, daily training environment, sports science services and competition opportunities for Australian athletes.


The overall vision of the Golf Australia high performance program is to identify and select, as early as possible, Australia’s most talented golfers and give them the best possible opportunities and world-class resources to fully develop their potential on and off the golf course.


Producing athletes who are capable of winning major championships, Olympic medals and top-100 world ranking positions are the most effective means to boost participation in the game and attract funding to golf in Australia, because of the publicity such success attracts. If our athletes can reach their full potential, we believe Australia will enjoy continued and sustained success on the world stage.

As high performance is the face of participation, the growth of the game from grass roots to the professional level is the driving influence behind a national program.

Program direction

The overall vision and strategy for the Golf Australia high performance program is to provide a long-term holistic approach to better prepare our athletes to thrive at elite amateur and international professional level. The physical, technical, strategic and emotional processes will be evaluated at an early age so individual plans can be established to better prepare our athletes for the long term.

The process of long-term development begins at a young age to ensure our athletes are better exposed to the skills and resources needed to not only become professional golfers, but to have success at the international level.

National and state tournaments such as club pennant competitions, Interstate Series, national ranking events and the World Amateur Team Championship play an important role in shaping our players’ futures. However, it is important to look at developing our elite athletes into potential major and Olympic championship winners, PGA and LPGA Tour players and to look at those previously mentioned events as tools, not benchmarks.

With limited resources across the country – and to limit the chance of confusing players, coaches and key stakeholders – it’s critical we run one HP program across the country, co-ordinated by Golf Australia, state associations, the Australian PGA and state institute or academy programs.  Our best young golfers need to focus on their future. This can mean going through technical and physical improvements that, in the short term, can mean higher scores but in the long term will produce a more fundamentally sound player who will increase their potential to compete and have success at major championship and Olympic level.  Success at the international level is important for Golf Australia as the body that sets the standards of leadership and governance for the game in Australia.

The role of the state high performance programs

The State high performance programs collectively form the Golf Australia high performance program pathway. The state program is responsible for overseeing each athlete’s daily training environment and long-term development processes.    

The state HP programs are accountable for identification, selection and the long-term development of athletes in their respective states. The state HP programs implement the national curriculum, standards, philosophy and culture.  The state HP programs oversee the athletes’ daily training environment and development processes with Golf Australia adding value, providing guidance, direction and support. If an athlete is a member of the state high performance program, they are part of the national program pathway.

Golf Australia and the state HP programs must have a clear and integrated understanding of how the athlete is developing and how limited funding is being spent. It is also important we have a close relationship with each athlete’s home coach as they are part of the athlete’s journey and an integral part of the overall team.

The Golf Australia high performance program pathway

The Golf Australia high performance program comprises four levels. The funding for service provision and development opportunities increase as the athlete moves through the levels from four towards one.     

1. Golf Australia rookie program (professional golfers only)

2. State elite program - (NSW, Queensland Academy of Sport, SA, TAS, Victorian Institute of Sport, WA)

3. State development program - (NSW, QLD, SA, TAS, VIC, WA)

4. State talent ID program - (NSW, QLD, SA, TAS, VIC, WA, NT)

For athletes who sit within levels 2-3, the daily training environment and development processes are implemented, and or monitored by the state high performance program with Golf Australia adding value, providing guidance and offering support.  Funding for these programs come from Golf Australia, state bodies, state institute/academy programs and major sponsors. Level 4 athletes are invited by the state HP programs to attend talent ID camps for assessment and possible inclusion into level 2 or 3 programs.  Golf Australia benchmark athletes sit at level 2/3 of the high performance pathway.  

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