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Club Support understands that sometimes you just need to speak to someone to sound out your ideas or to find out how others have approached a particular issue you are facing. That is why Golf Queensland has provided a network of Club Support contractors who can help you work through your club challenge, no matter how big or small. This form of more personal support is available online or face to face. For the face to face option you can take part in a group session with other clubs or request one to one support at your club.

How can a Consultant help me?

Our consultants are there to provide you with support and encouragement to help you reach your goals. They all have a professional business background and have a broad range of skills and experience to help you tackle the challenges your club is facing. They can support you with general business guidance, offer an alternative perspective through sharing their own ideas and experiences, and help you to think through your requirements by acting as a sounding board.

Rapid Response Mentoring
Aimed at club managers and volunteers who have limited time and wish to explore a specific issue or seek clarification on a particular matter.

The club will share some details of their challenge via telephone or email and Club Support will exchange information over the phone or online over a short period of time which, in most cases should be enough to allow the club to progress.

If the clubs seeks further support they may progress onto group or impact mentoring.

Group Mentoring
Aimed at clubs who want to make progress on a particular area and learn from other clubs who are facing similar challenges.

Clubs in a particular location express an interest in holding or attending a workshop aimed at club finances, management, marketing, workforce or other relevant topics. Where appropriate, action learning groups will be established grouping clubs together to create a support network of like-minded clubs.

Impact Mentoring
Aimed at those clubs who have more time to devote to mentoring and are seeking more intense support with complex, longer term issues.

The club will register for support, sharing details of their challenges. The mentor and club will meet and work together over a period of time. Generally this involves a face to face meeting or meetings supplemented with check in telephone calls and emails.

More information
For further information please contact the Club Support and Development Team:

David Webber
Club Support and Development Manager
T: (07) 3252 8155

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