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Qantas Golf Club

Qantas Golf Club

Endorsed and supported by Golf Australia, the Qantas Golf Club is a new online golf initiative that will benefit both golfers and golf clubs Australia-wide.

The Qantas Golf Club is a product offering for Qantas Frequent Flyer members.

Golf Australia believes the Qantas Frequent Flyer program, with its membership exceeding 10 million members, is a wonderful vehicle to increase participation in golf. 

Golf Australia and Qantas are united in the aim to encourage more people to play golf and create a new generation of golfers by making golf more accessible to all players, which will translate into more revenue and opportunities for golf clubs and a healthier industry.

The Qantas Golf Club will offer different tiers and member benefits with the highest tier allowing members to have access to an official Golf Australia Handicap.

Golf Australia has taken extensive steps in the preparation of the program with Qantas to ensure that it is not to the detriment of existing Australian golf clubs or their membership and GA will be monitoring the membership data on an ongoing basis to ensure it is having a positive impact on club health.

Golf Australia sees this initiative, which offers a range of new golf benefits to a substantial percentage of the Australian population, as a key step in the national pathway to golf club membership in Australia.

Golf clubs that choose to become a partner of the Qantas Golf Club will have access to a range of attractive benefits which will be outlined in upcoming announcements. 

For more information on the program contact:

James Cooper
Qantas Golf Club
0417 723 294

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