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Click to download the full Vision 2025 Strategy (pdf)

The full details of Golf Australia’s Vision 2025 strategy are now publicly available.

Launched in part during the ISPS Handa Women’s Australian Open, “Vision 2025: the future of women and girls in golf” now fully sets out a roadmap to generate greater female participation, involvement and inclusion in golf at all levels around the country.

Golf Australia chief executive Stephen Pitt said Vision 2025 would address current fundamental imbalances in the sport and help attract more women and girls to golf.

“It’s the single most important issue inhibiting growth in Australian golf. For too long, we’ve collectively watched as some of our programs, clubs and facilities have become places at which female golfers, and even more importantly, prospective female golfers, don’t feel welcome and encouraged,” Pitt said.

“Vision 2025 is, critically, an industry-wide approach and we are investing all available resources into making it a success.”

Part of that investment includes two new staff members at Golf Australia – Stacey Peters as female national pathway manager and Chyloe Kurdas as national female participation manager, both roles partially funded by the R&A as they also seek to increase the role of women and girls in golf around the world.

Kurdas was excited to have the foundation work of the Vision’s steering committee made public.

“It is terrific to have cross-sectoral and international support for the Vision 2025 strategy. The key to its success is having all of the different bodies engaged and excited by what it could bring to the game,” Kurdas said.

“This is a strategy that requires everyone at all levels of golf to embrace a fundamental change for the long-term benefit of women and girls, and also the game more broadly.

“We are happy to have as much as we can in the public domain to make sure that everyone knows our direction and that all at Golf Australia are accountable and know the roadmap.

“We are really excited to explore how we can provide girls and women with opportunities to access our game in a way that suits their needs – physically, socially, culturally, financially, and developmentally. Ultimately Vision 2025 will bring innovation across the whole industry – ensuring that everyone benefits from making the game truly accessible for women and girls.”


Posted by Jan Jelleff at
15/10/2018 07:04 PM
Our club have a high female participation but waiting list is lower than ever. We have many junior girls due to our program. It is hard to keep the girls when they hit 21 up. My suggestion to G A is that there are so few female professionals working in Pro. Shops, we have been asking for one for 10 years, Could G A run a program for Trainee Female Pros, in conjunction with clubs, both public and private. With some reward program,. No 2 suggestion is regarding the entries for events. The Aus Amateur played male and female together. Has places for 240 makes and 79 females, of whom 39 are from O S leaving only 40 places for Aus. females. While there are many more male golfers, and on lower handicaps, if we want more females we need to open up events.
Posted by Betty McGuinness at
10/10/2018 02:01 PM
Some great aims in the Vision 2025. Where will the roadshow be travelling to? I hope to at least some areas of rural Victoria/Australia. I am correct in saying rural clubs need all the support they can get? The Vision 2025 Roadshow is very welcome at Buninyong GC.
Posted by Michael Todd at
08/10/2018 08:21 PM
Our club Palm Meadows in Gold Coast just held our club championships. About 230 men and 3 yes 3 women. What about making golf free for women for say 3 years and see what happens?
Posted by robert at
28/08/2018 09:16 PM
free membership for all kids up to say 16 . once you're hooked you're hooked.moore pro's to visit schools it's all in there favour.
Posted by Gabriele at
09/08/2018 02:26 PM
Reducing green fees for couples and family can go long way to increase female and kids participation in the sport.
Posted by Di Paez at
31/07/2018 04:12 PM
A good place to start is talking to Clubs with high participation rates of females to see what works and what doesn’t. Golf Australia and Governments of all persuasions don’t seem to put any funding into grassroots golf which provides the gateway to increased participation.
Posted by Jane Utting at
14/06/2018 05:26 PM
As a female who at the age of 48 has begun playing golf I can understand some of the barriers preventing women participating - this includes being quite daunted and uneducated about playing the game! An understanding and supportive coach along with dedicated women's clinics are key - women learn differently and don't always have the confidence to get out there and have a go without this support.
Posted by Di Males at
21/05/2018 05:15 PM
It would definitely be driven at early age by trying to reinvent the game to make it popular again . And affordability for families. These 2 suggestions alone are a start to getting young kids into golf . Di Males KBGC

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