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VIDEO: All major Rules changes (2:25mins)


For the past five years golf’s governing bodies have been working on a makeover of the Rules of Golf.

As of 1 January 2019, the results of the first fundamental review in 34 years come into effect.

The above video showcases the must-know Rules (whether you are a golfer, an administrator, or both).


Posted by George at
31/10/2019 11:45 AM
What should be done about the older players to keep them playing golf longer. My answer would be a shorter course there are exceptions as some older players can still hit long ball. I guess age and handicap could be the answer not sure how this would work?
Posted by Julia Tannebring at
29/06/2019 12:16 PM
Fully support taking free relief from fairway divots. Just plain unfair. Some will take advantage but at least all of the “fair” players aren’t penalised.
Posted by alan goodchild at
04/04/2019 02:45 PM
A free drop from divots should be introduced.
Posted by Gavin at
20/01/2019 08:03 PM
Best thing to happen in years Agree with free drop from divots on fairways.
Posted by Koppy at
17/01/2019 10:48 AM
relief from mud balls would be a very welcome addition to the rules
Posted by Joyce White at
05/01/2019 08:37 PM
yes i have always said it is fair to have a free drop from divots,
Posted by John lumb at
05/01/2019 05:38 PM
I think tree roots exposed should be made a free drop in all situations not just a local rule
Posted by Brett at
30/12/2018 07:59 PM
Fantastic new rules,free drop should be allowed in unfilled divots in fairways.
Posted by Mike Ball at
28/12/2018 12:13 PM
all common sense changes. "great move"
Posted by Tim Grummett at
26/12/2018 07:55 PM
Posted by Raine at
24/12/2018 02:06 PM
I agree with Gary Lang view posted 19/12/2018
Posted by Vic Uroda at
22/12/2018 08:59 AM
YES to Gary's comment, and not only for amatuers, but for All. Fairways should be treated like the greens. Nothing worse than having to play out of divot or bunker like while in the fairway. Any true golfer would AGREE
Posted by Terry Gallen at
21/12/2018 08:04 PM
I understand the 3 minute rule is designed to speed up play. However, this rule again favours pro's. Club players don't have 200 sets of eyes to look for or watching the ball. nor do we have caddies to keep watch.
Posted by Wb40 at
21/12/2018 07:17 AM
I think the rules officials would like introduce this relief rule but the problem is what people determine as a Diviot particularly older ones
Posted by Craig Walters at
20/12/2018 07:30 PM
Simple easy to understand well overdue , may stop some creative golfers interpretation of the Rules Thanks for your hard work on getting this passed Kind regards Craig
Posted by Russell & Rhonda Sleep at
20/12/2018 09:32 AM
Great easy to follow
Posted by gary lang at
19/12/2018 03:33 PM
we should have free drops in filled or unfilled divots on fairways this should be a rule for all amateurs as i have fallen a victim to this on many occasions

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