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Royal Hobart’s dynamic duo

Lindy Goggin & Hallie Meaburn
Lindy Goggin and her granddaughter, Hallie Meaburn. PHOTO: Luke Bowden/Mercury

Lindy Goggin was already a legend of Tasmanian and Australian golf, but she keeps writing new chapters as she enters her 70s.

Recently, the 19-time Tasmanian amateur champion and triple national amateur winner took out the foursomes championship at her own Royal Hobart Golf Club. But it was her playing partner that raised the eyebrows: it was her 16-year-old granddaughter, Hallie Meaburn, who is emerging as one of the state’s best young amateurs.

Goggin has previously won foursomes events with her father, Gordon Jennings, husband Charlie Goggin and her son Mathew, with who she won a state title before he turned professional.

“It was a great thrill for me, obviously,’’ Goggin told Golf Australia’s ‘Inside The Ropes’ podcast this week. “Because I started off at 10 years old and I played with my father, and then I went on to play with my husband, and then my daughter – my youngest daughter – and Mathew of course and now Hallie. How’s that? Fantastic!’’

Goggin admitted her granddaughter may have “carried me” in the foursomes final, and that Hallie Meaburn hit her tee shots “50 or 60 metres” farther.

“I have to say she (Meaburn) is an incredible ball striker for her age. She’s got strength, she’s got length. She’s incredibly long off the tee. If Hallie decides to be a golfer, and wanted to put in the time, then she will go a long way, believe me. She’s got a lot of talent.”

Hallie Meaburn, who is in year 10 at secondary school, has already represented her state.

“I’ve been so lucky to be brought up in such a good golf environment. And to be able to play with her,” she told Inside The Ropes.


Posted by Robyn Puckett(Dummett) at
26/10/2019 07:12 PM
Lindy...Remember when we were foursome partners way back. Great to see you and your granddaughter
Posted by John Westacott at
25/10/2019 01:53 PM
Hi Lindy congratulations once again,having refereed the final the Australian amateur with Matt,played football against Billie and been privileged to see some of your great wins its like the clock turned back. Congratulations.
Posted by Kerry Wilkins at
24/10/2019 10:48 PM
Glad to hear about Lindy Goggin & her Grand Daughter & also the Family Story. Congratulations 💖 🏌????🏌????🏌????🏌??????
Posted by Scott Burrell at
24/10/2019 08:34 PM
Great effort Girls and keep it going good to see that you are still playing and very competitive .ALL GOOD FROM SUNNY QLD Scott Burrell
Posted by ian wade at
24/10/2019 11:16 AM
Brought back memories when I sneaked onto RH for a hit . Lovely story.

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