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Promising signs from equality roadshow


Golf Australia’s female engagement senior manager Chyloe Kurdas has completed an exhaustive 12-month series of roadshow presentations at golf clubs with overwhelmingly positive results around gender equality in clubs.

Kurdas, who has presented in every state as part of GA’s Vision 2025 female participation program, said the feedback through surveys was “overwhelmingly positive, even more so than I thought they’d be”.

But she has warned that the process was long-term, adding that “it’s a seven-year project for a reason”.

Kurdas pointed out that barely 20 per cent of Australian golfers are female. “You can’t change 60,000 years of gender inequality in a sexy two-year strategy, and put it on a piece of paper,” she said.

Listen to Chyloe Kurdas’ appearance on Inside The Ropes podcast HERE.


Posted by Eileen at
04/10/2019 07:50 AM
Golf competition, men against women can never be fair, until the ladies course allows women to hit roughly the same club into a green in regulation that a man does. We are talking “the average club golfer.” At the moment a man hits a 7/8 iron .... a woman hits a rescue/wood !!
Posted by greg K at
03/10/2019 05:58 PM
Hopefully they are aware of a similar situation at Royal Queensland. I suggest that any competition is open to all, either male or female. If a male wants to play on a Tuesday (ladies Day) then he should be able to play in the competition as well instead of being forced to play socially. All players should be able to play in the same competition. The handicap system is meant to bring everyone back to scratch, and all have the opportunity to win or receive a portion of the purse in the prize run down. At the club I currently play at, it is mixed on the saturday, but the women play in a separate completion similar to the separation of A, B and C grades, they pay the same competition fee but because there are less in the separated competition their prize is 50% of the male prize. Another mine field.

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