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PODCAST: Episode #39 out now

Our regular host Andy Maher was MIA, but Hayesy stepped into the driver's seat with aplomb. With Clayts in the house, #AskUsAnything was on the agenda and Martin Blake did his best to help out with the curly ones.


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Posted by jason at
01/05/2018 09:49 PM
When are they going to drop the pro's from Victorian Pennant golf. The experiment hasnt worked, no extra spectators have coem to watch the "pros", and the essence of mens members pennant has been lost. At the very least, it should be club pro v club pro in the run down, and order the other players as desired. When I started, you had to have been club member for 12 months min, full member, etc. Now days, any corporate type member, new member, ring in's etc are playing for clubs. I bet you bottom dollar there are a number of clubs out there who would recognise or know players in their pennant team. Is there any plans to return to the format from 3 or 4 years ago?

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