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Pennant Update- Condition Amendment

2016 GV Pennant


Friday Women's Pennant - Amendment to Condition 3.2 (iii) – Player Eligibility

Following concerns expressed by a number of clubs in relation to player eligibility for the final round of 2016 Friday Women’s Pennant to be played on Friday 6 May, Golf Victoria has amended Exception (b) to Friday Women’s Pennant condition 3.2 (iii) to state as follows:

A player is ineligible to compete in either the final round/semi-finals (as applicable) of 2016 Friday Women’s Pennant on Friday 6 May and/or the finals of Friday Women’s Pennant if she has played four matches or more in the current season of the Women’s Pennant competition for the same club.

The reason for this amendment is to address concerns that clubs could potentially field regular Women’s Pennant players in this Friday’s Women’s Pennant teams which are either competing for finals positions or looking to avoid relegation.

It would be appreciated if this condition amendment could be noted by Women’s Club Captains, Friday Women’s Pennant Team Captains and relevant team officials.

Colts Pennant – Ladder Clarification

Following queries received from clubs in relation to the 2016 Colts Pennant ladders, it can be confirmed that that a drawn/squared Colts Contest is regarded as half a contest win in the determination of the ladders.

While this has been the standard interpretation for a long period of time, for additional clarity Golf Victoria has added a note to GV Pennant Condition 6.1(a) to state that “Drawn contests count as a half a contest win in the determination of Colts Pennant ladders”. 

All round results are now available via the following links: 

Please note that for the 2016 season, all results will be reported on the specific competition home page in the Pennant section of the GV Website.

Alternatively, please click here to be directed to the 2016 Pennant home page for access to the specific competition home pages and for 2016 Pennant Draws, Conditions and additional reference items.

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