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Newcastle members vote for change

Newcastle Golf Club

In an attempt to provide equal opportunities for its male and female members, Newcastle Golf Club has voted to transform its membership structure.

Newcastle’s members voted in favour of adopting a new Club Constitution on June 5, with the new structure to come into effect from October 1 this year.

All active playing members will fall under a full 7-Day membership category, while the club’s existing 5-Day category will cease to exist as those members transition to the revised 7-Day group.

The progressive decision will mean the majority of Newcastle’s female members will have increased access to the golf course, with the entire membership now able to play in a competition up to six days a week.

Newcastle’s timesheets will become gender neutral, with men’s and women’s competitions to be held each day.

“The new Club Constitution provides a great framework to govern the Club in a modern and progressive manner and is aligned with the Club’s strategic direction”, says General Manager Christian Gillott.

“The Club is on the verge of entering into an exciting development phase, securing the Club’s long-term sustainability, and the new membership structure, supported by the new Constitution provides a real opportunity for golfers in the region to be part of something special at a very attractive price.

“Even more so for active golfers, playing say twice a week, with our traditional no green fee model. When you crunch the numbers, it all of a sudden becomes very competitive.”

Newcastle will also introduce a new pay structure, with the 7-Day membership option providing unlimited golf with no green fees at $2,750 per annum.

Newcastle will re-introduce an entry fee “once it has sufficient new members at the new membership price point”.

In March, the Australian Human Rights Commission introduced new to ensure Australian golf clubs provide equal opportunities for both genders.

The guidelines provided information on how golf clubs across the country could promote equal opportunity for women and girls through membership structures facilitating the inclusion of females.


Posted by Bruce Finlay at
22/06/2019 12:54 PM
Hear hear Graeme Smith. I have been advocating this position for some years now at our golf club but have met with stern resistance, mostly from senior lady members. It is high time amateur golf pulled itself into the 21st century.
Posted by Graeme Smith at
20/06/2019 06:02 PM
Congratulations to the decision makers at Newcastle Golf Club for making their timesheets gender neutral. However it is disappointing to read in the same sentence this initiative is announced, that men's and women's competitions will be held each day. Why not make the daily competitions gender neutral too? Surely one Australian golf club will soon remove gender entirely. Members, regardless of gender, should play off the most appropriate tee as determined by their handicap -- no more men's tees and women's tees, no more two sets of gender based rules and competitions, no more gender based handicap systems. Why do golf's decision makers, starting with Golf Australia, continue their refusal to acknowledge the obvious solution for so many of the problems experienced by our clubs -- golfers are golfers, Members are Members, there is no gender.
Posted by H N B at
20/06/2019 01:20 AM
Equal opportunity and equal fees?
Posted by Sean carson at
19/06/2019 09:27 PM
Awesome news Newcastle. I am a 40 yr old male shift worker with 3 young kids who plAy sports on weekends. I can only play comps twice a month as ladies comps and vets comps book out entire fields on certain days. I think all competions should be gender and age neutral for the game to grow. Well done newy golf club.

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