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Mazda Vic 4BBB: Ballarat & Warrnambool

Ballarat Winners
Winners from Ballarat Qualifying

The Mazda Vic Four-Ball circuit was played at Ballarat and Warrnambool Golf Clubs today in winter-like conditions with scattered showers all morning providing a dampener on the qualfiers. 

A brand new Mazda 3 Maxx was up for grabs at both courses, with players coming close but unfortunately no one driving one away. 

Winners from Ballarat are as follows:

Men’s Winner:  Tim Sinclair & Trent Brown (Beaufort) - 44 pts c/b
Men’s Runner-Up: Leszek Kunc & Stan Koczwara (Spring Valley) - 44 pts
Men’s Third: Tobias Hogg & Daryl Mott (East Geelong) - 43 pts

Mixed/Women's Winner: Ruth Tenance & Michael Tenace (RACV) - 46 pts
Mixed/Women's Runner-Up: Carl Stevenson & Jeanette Stevenson - 44 pts
Mixed/Women's Third: Stephen Day & Lee-Anne Day - 42 pts c/b

Winners from Warrnambool are as follows:

Men’s Winner: Blair Prescott & John Thethewie (Warrnambool) - 47 pts
Men’s Runner-Up: Sam Artz & Denver Artz (Warrnambool) - 44 pts
Men’s Third: David Warnaar & Tony Saunders (Warrnambool) - 42 pts c/b

Women's Winner: Sue Rea & Beryl Drake (Warrnambool) - 37 pts
Women's Runner-Up: Rosalie Drill & Dianne Stewart (Rich River) - 35 pts
Women's Third: Deb Fitzgibbon & Lauren Higgins (Warrnambool) - 34 pts

Mixed Winner: Sue Haylock & Peter Haylock (Warrnambool) - 41 pts
Mixed Runner-Up: Alison Sinclair & Ron Sinclair (Warrnambool) - 40 pts
MixedThird: Debbie McLeod & Jayden McLeod (Heywood) - 39 pts

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