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Lyle gets great news on transplant

Jarrod Lyle
Former PGA Tour of the United States player Jarrod Lyle is fighting cancer. Image: Getty



Jarrod Lyle is winning his fight against leukemia … for the third time.

The Victorian professional announced today that the stem cell transplant that he endured in December had ‘grafted’ completely, the very news that he had awaited from his medicos in Melbourne since the operation was performed a month ago.

“Got the best news today since finding out Briony was pregnant both times. I found out that the transplant I had has grafted 100%. Another big step forward in my journey back to a normal life again. #happylylefamily,” Lyle posted on his Instagram account.

Lyle had been given only a 25 percent chance of surviving the stem cell transplant, the cells of which came from his brother Lleyton.

The Victorian has previously shaken off leukemia as a teenager in 1999 and in 2012.

Today’s news does not constitute a full recovery – he will require ongoing treatment – but it gives him a strong chance.

Recently the United States PGA Tour dedicated the month as ‘January for Jarrod’ to raise funds to help Lyle, his wife Briony and their two children, Lusi and Jemma.

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Posted by David Cocks at
15/01/2018 08:29 PM
Great news Jarrod.Im currently in remission myself from AML and have a glimpse of what you've gone through.Keep that head up mate. 🙂
Posted by brian &christina tinker/gold coast at
15/01/2018 03:52 PM
great news Jarrod, keep fighting mate, you are a champion on and off the course,hoping for a very speedy recovery, c u on the course.
Posted by Lynne Hyett at
15/01/2018 02:22 PM
Great news Jarrod, full steam ahead!
Posted by Max at
15/01/2018 09:36 AM
Such an inspiration - it is always great to see the yellow "bucket" out on the course and something for fans to look forward to 2018. Good luck.
Posted by Brian Belsar at
14/01/2018 09:36 PM
Glad to see something positive can come via the us PGA tour, this young man deserves every GOOD break that eventually may come his way,BB.
Posted by Sue Charls at
14/01/2018 07:49 PM
Such great news, keep on keeping on Lyle, the whole world is with you on this!
Posted by John Scott at
14/01/2018 05:53 PM
Great news for Jarrod, am so happy for him and his family😃😃😃😃😃
Posted by Josh hawkshaw at
14/01/2018 03:49 PM
Unreal mate hope all goes good I follow ya and love ya game your a true auzzie fighter and my hero I’m ten and play off 11 I look up you
Posted by Debra Benney at
14/01/2018 12:26 PM
Great news keep fighting we all know you can do it
Posted by Graham clarke at
14/01/2018 11:39 AM
Great news Lyle Stick tough u will pull thru God bless G
Posted by Bernadette at
14/01/2018 07:47 AM
Great fight a true champion in every respect.
Posted by Chris Spencer at
14/01/2018 06:59 AM
Great news, wish you all the best for your recovery. Members at Broadford Golf Club
Posted by David Fausset at
14/01/2018 06:54 AM
Great news Jarryd keep fighting.
Posted by Sally-Anne Linde at
13/01/2018 10:11 PM
That is wonderful news, sending our prayers to the Lyle family and we are praying for a full recovery. Your strength and hope is outstanding and you are loved by so many. 😍🙏🙋🏼
Posted by Jackie at
13/01/2018 09:00 PM
What absolutely wonderful news Jarrod, so happy for you and your family, great news to start 2018. One of the nicest bloke that I have had the fortune to meet and talk to.🏌??
Posted by Jamie at
13/01/2018 08:59 PM
Jarrad that is great news wishing you well and a full recovery.
Posted by Mark at
13/01/2018 08:27 PM
Great news can’t wait to see you back on the course

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