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Left or right, it just doesn't matter for Cam Davis

Cameron Davis
Cameron Davis is just as comfortable with a golf club either side of his body

For those annoyed by perfect golf swings, look away now – because this is going to be doubly offensive.

Golf Australia national squad member Cameron Davis, on camp at Moonah Links this week, has been wowing even his highly skilled teammates with his ability to hit the ball almost as well left-handed as right.

Davis already a winner of the China Open Amateur title, has an uncanny ability to swing both ways with almost a mirror image.

And the quietly spoken 19-year-old jokes that it was his errant ways as a junior that helped hone his incredible talent.

“It just came naturally – I like trying new things and when I was younger I put the ball behind the trees a bit more often and so I had to find a way to get out of trouble,” Davis said.

“It just seemed that left-handed I was just able to do it.”

If you’re not already insanely jealous, consider that the powerfully built Davis hits his 4-iron right-handed about 200m on the fly.

Then, try not to think too hard that he can shape his left-handed irons both ways and fly a 4-iron between 180-190m.

“All I do is just try to do everything I do right-handed and just flip it over and do the opposite,” said Davis, ranked the eighth amateur in Australia and 148th in the world.

“It feels like a mirror image to me – that’s all I try to do. You need a bit of hand-eye (co-ordination) too, but that’s all I think about.”

Davis, a member at Monash Golf Club in Sydney, says he’d like to play a round left-handed to find out what he’d score.

But he’s not sure it will be coach Khan Pullen.

“Probably not with him—he wants to see me play well right-handed,” Davis joked.

“But I might muck around some time and see how well I go.”

Asked if he could use his extraordinary skill to take money off unsuspecting punters, Davis showed his true colours.

“I wouldn’t do that. I’ll use my powers for good, not evil.”


Posted by Craig at
17/12/2014 02:39 PM
Incredible talent and congrats on winning the Vic Am..

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