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Interstate teams head to Tasmania

2019 interstate 2

State pride is on the line when the 2019 Australian Interstate Series heads to Tasmania next month. 

The Australian Men's Interstate Series will be played across four days from 7-10 May at Tasmania Golf Club with a refreshed eight-man Victorian team attempting a three-peat after wins in each of the past two years.

The Australian Women's Interstate Series will be played across three days from 7-9 May at Royal Hobart Golf Club with an in-form NSW team searching for a second consecutive title.

The series is played in singles match play in a round robin format.

2019 VIC teams
Men                                Women
Darcy Brereton               Steph Bunque
Konrad Ciupek                Alizza Hetherington
Blake Collyer                  Alexandra Hilliard
Aiden Didone                  Kono Matsumoto
Andre Lautee                  Jessica Pickwick
Kyle Michel                     Steffi Vogel
Lukas Michel
Matias Sanchez

2019 QLD teams
Men                                Women
Jed Morgan                    Lion Higo
Chris Crabtree               Cassie Porter
Joel Stahlhut                  Sarah Wilson
Dylan Gardner               Isabelle Taylor
Lewis Hoath                   DeeDee Russell
Lawry Flynn                   Lisa Edgar
Lochie Coleborn
Louis Dobbelaar

2019 SA teams
Men                                 Women
Jack Thompson               Jin-Young Yun
Jack Buchanan                Sophie Hilditch
Billy Cawthorne                Charley Jacobs
Liam Georgiadis               Shakira-Ann Kuys
Ben Layton                       Matilda Miels
Jacob Rillotta                   Amelia Whinney
Jamie Smith
Jack Tanner

2019 TAS team
Men                                 Women
Joey Bower                     Sarah Johnstone
Craig Hancock                Lily Caelli
Greg Longmore              Hallie Meaburn
Andrew Phillips               Mackenzie Wilson
Paul Read                       Alexandria Hansen
Mark Schulze                 Tailah Mowat
Ryan Thomas
Mitch Van Noord

2019 WA teams
Men                                 Women
Haydn Barron                  Eve Cohen
Hayden Hopewell            Brooke Price
Shane Feldman               Yeah-Jin Lee
Brendon Allanby              Abbie Teasdale 
Josh Greer                       Kirsten Rudgeley
Josh Herrero                    Kathryn Norris
Connor Fewkes
Jordan Jung

2019 NSW teams
Men                                Women
Blake Windred                 Doey Choi
Josh Armstrong               Amy Chu
Nathan Barbieri               Grace Kim
Jordan Garner                 Steph Kyriacou
Lucas Higgins                  Kelsey Bennett
Harrison Crowe               Sophie Yip
Jye Pickin
James Conran

2019 NT team
Jake Hughes
Alex Brennan
Kerryn Heaver
Peter Hargreaves
Ben Steven
Lachlan Morgan
Malcolm Roney


For more information on the Men's Interstate click here.

For more information on the Women's Interstate click here.

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