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GA OOM goes digital

Computer screen - player rankings

The Golf Australia Order of Merit will go digital for the 2019 competition and use the tournament system GolfBox as its administrative platform.

GolfBox is an automated system already used at many Golf Australia events. It will ensure a more accurate and timely updating of results, and a more user-friendly experience.

Additionally, to make the system simpler to understand, the following amendments will apply:

• There will be no minimum divisor. Each player’s points will be totalled, and a players’ ranking will be determined by their total number of points. There is no minimum or maximum number of events a player must play to be eligible to win the GA OOM. This will also encourage greater participation in GA OOM events.

• Events will be weighted based on their event status and their traditional field quality as opposed to the field quality of the event in that year. This will allow players to determine which events they wish to compete in knowing how many overall points each event attracts.

• Points gained in the Australian Open will no longer be ‘bonus’ points. They will be recognised in the same manner as all other events.

• Events which have a stroke play component followed by match play rounds will continue to be awarded points for both components of the event and will be counted as two events.

The GA OOM continues to attract great interest from a variety of stakeholders and in 2018 again produced worthy winners in each of its categories. The use of GolfBox to administer the system will continue to enhance the competition.

Click here for the specific conditions and FAQ for the 2019 OOM:

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