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Cap (previously ‘Anchor’)* [already in effect]

* Note – Change of terminology from “Anchor” to “Cap”: There has been a significant amount of discussion in the sports media in recent times around the term “Anchoring”. This term is generally used in the media with reference to the new Rule of Golf that The R&A is to introduce on 1 January 2016 which will alter what is permitted in making a golf stroke. GA has already had some feedback expressing a view that it is unhelpful to have “Anchor” (or “Anchoring”) serve both as a high-profile Rules of Golf term and also as a high-profile handicapping term. As a result, from the time the new handicap system becomes fully operational on 23 January 2014, the term “Anchor” will be changed to “Cap” within the GA Handicap System.

GOLF Link will automatically prevent a player’s GA Handicap from increasing by any more than 5 strokes beyond their best GA Handicap from the previous 12-month rolling period. (Note: The Cap will not limit the movement of Daily Handicaps from day to day if a player happens to be playing on a variety of courses which have substantially different Slope Ratings.)

The Cap eliminates the capacity for extreme outward movements of a GA Handicap within short spaces of time.

As a result, a loss of form does not cause a player’s GA Handicap to move too far from a level which is consistent with their underlying ability.

The Cap also makes the handicap system less susceptible to manipulation.

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