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Calculation of GA Handicap

Calculation of GA Handicap – Best 8 of 20, Multiplied by 0.93 [already in effect]

To calculate a player’s GA Handicap, you do the following:

• Firstly identify their most recent 20 scores (which are clearly displayed on,

• Then average the Differentials from the best 8 of them (Differential is the calculation of the difference between the player’s score and the course rating; it is the value listed in the ‘Sloped Played To’ column on,

• Finally you multiply this average by 0.93,

The resultant figure is the player’s GA Handicap

Note Changed Differential (ie ‘Sloped Played To’) Calculation Process to be applied by GOLF Link

• One extra step is to be added at the end of this process to account for Slope.

• New Differential = Old Differential ÷ Slope Rating of Tees Played From x 113 (ie Neutral Slope Rating)

• EXAMPLE: Gross Score of 95, Course Rating of 71, Slope Rating of 131
– Old Differential (ie ‘Played To’) = 24 (ie 95 - 71)
– New Differential (ie ‘Sloped Played To’) = 20.7 (ie 24 ÷ 131 x 113)

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