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Powerbrokers unite for women's golf

Vision 2025
Representatives of the sport's most influential bodies met at Golf Australia.

Vision 2025 is up and running.

The program that will revolutionise women’s golf in Australia had its first committee meeting this week.

And the significance of the program was clearly evident with a strong representation of many of the sport’s key decision makers at the Golf Australia office.

Vision 2025 is a blueprint that sets out how golf in Australia can become a sport where women and girls are inspired to participate, welcomed, nurtured and developed to achieve their goals.

Under chair Jill Spargo, legendary professional Karrie Webb, ALPG chief executive Karen Lunn, PGA of Australia chief executive Gavin Kirkman, Golf NSW board member Sally Kirkright, Golf Management Australia executive officer Jim Cail, ASC senior consultant Richard Redman and Stretch Forward consultant Rachel Piastri joined Golf Australia’s chief executive Stephen Pitt, golf development director Cameron Wade, female participation manager Chyloe Kurdas and female pathway manager Stacey Peters to set in train the incredibly important program.

Among other achievements of a productive session were refinements made to solidify Vision 2025, consideration of the key performance measures and a review of the draft women’s high performance strategic plan.

It was agreed that the year one priority activities will be to:

• focus on culture and leadership
• lay the foundations for success
• prompt nationwide stakeholder engagement and whole of sport approach
• seek commitment from all key golf bodies to support the Vision
• educate in the area of equal opportunity and the importance of diversity
• undertake benchmarking to establish robust baseline data
• complete an audit of clubs and facilities

Pitt said the meeting had been dynamic and fruitful.

"Everyone in that room understands the importance of what Vision 2025 is all about and the fundamental importance of ensuring change happens smoothly and quickly," he said.

"It is vital to have so many key elements of the industry involved in this project and to see everyone's willingness to buy in was really encouraging."

In an ongoing sense, the group’s purpose includes to monitor the implementation of Vision 2025, provide recommendations on any other initiatives that drives the growth of female participation in golf at all levels throughout Australia and to influence its membership constituents to support the strategy and communicate its progress.

The R&A has provided funding to support the appointment of development managers in Australia, England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales, and will soon be launching its Women in Golf Charter to galvanise the golf industry around increasing participation by women and girls and the number of women working within the sport.



Posted by Nancy Boswell at
19/04/2018 11:32 AM
Equal opportunity laws have been in place for at least 30 years and yet you applaud waiting for another 7 years in the hope of ending discriminatory and unlawful practice in most Australian private golf clubs?
Posted by Betty McGuinness at
19/04/2018 10:42 AM
I like what Liz Falla has said and its worth repeating...that the positive ideas and recommendations need to filter through to all clubs. The recommendations look brilliant. How to implement is perhaps another matter ... how to get through to Club management/officials to encourage an interest in women's golf. In Victoria a very good 'add on' would be to ensure that the once very popular (Burrta Cheney) Girls Camp again flourish. So many people...yes women golfers, I talk to have never heard or Burrta Cheney or the Vic Girls Camp. The Vision could include much more robust promotion of GA/GV girls camps. Of importance is the offering of girls golf camps in regional areas as metro areas most often have well developed pathways for girls and metro in general have many more resources that country clubs.
Posted by Liz falla at
19/04/2018 08:40 AM
Good initiative,Thankyou, Look forward to positive ideas and recommendations filtering into all clubs for growth and benefits in women’s golf.
Posted by Norman O'Bryan at
18/04/2018 02:01 PM
Long overdue and much needed. All strength to you; an excellent initiative.
Posted by Jo Kervers at
18/04/2018 01:30 PM
So it begins! Thank you to the committee for the initiative. Our members welcome and support Vision 2025.

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