The Lakes 2018

Hole 1

The Lakes welcomes players with one of the finest opening holes in the country. Driving close to the water will result in a shorter approach but you must decide how brave you want to be. It's difficult to attack this green with any more than a 5-iron but there’s room to the right

Hole 2

Only the longest hitters will reach the top of the hill with their drive whilst most should favour the left side of the fairway throughout the hole. Avoid the deep swale short/ right of the green as any approach from the left will feed the most pin positions

Hole 3

The Longest par – 4 on the course (par 5 for the ladies) will require some solidly struck shots to conquer. It is possible to run the ball onto this green whilst those laying up should consider the pin position before creating the best angle of attach.

Hole 4

Try to drive close to the end of the fairway to set up your approach to the green that slopes from front to back. Avoid the left greenside bunker.

Hole 5

Long hitters can carry the fairway bunker to simplify the approach whilst others will play long and left to avoid the grasp. The green will receive a running shot but the trick is to find the section of the green that contains the hole position.

Hole 6

Another opportunity for the longer drivers to exploit the room past the fairway bunkers. Otherwise, the ideal line is to the right (away from the sandy waste), setting up the best shot to a green that drops off steeply over the back.

Hole 7

The dune obscures the safety awaiting shots that miss to the left whilst the right bunkers lure players who misjudge the uphill factor. The steep tier in the green should be considered during club selection.

Hole 8

There are no secrets here as the player can see the entire hole from the tee. The pond guards the ideal line to the green for those with eagle ambitions. Others will need to plot their way, carefully avoiding cross bunkers and factoring in the slight uphill to the target.

Take a moment to visit the plaque where Adam Scott holed his 6-iron for an albatross in the 2011 Emirates Australian Open.

Hole 9

A nasty pot bunker guards the green at the front whilst missing right isn’t much better. Judging the wind on the exposed hole can be difficult but a good shot will gather towards the cup.

Hole 10

A daunting tee shot that is best rewarded if played down the right side, near a hazard. Players will then have the best angle to a two-tiered green, well protected by bunkers.

Hole 11

This hole should be played conservatively down the left side as the fairway tends towards the hazard on the right. John Daly once hit seven balls in the water trying to reach the green during the Australian Open and many have endured similar fates.

Hole 12

One of the most difficult holes at the Lakes with punishing scrub on both sides of the fairway. The skyline green sits atop the hill with plenty of room on its left, leaving a simple pitch to save par.

Hole 13

The temptation to drive this short, downhill par 4 cost Tiger Woods a bogey and probably success in the final round of the 2011 Australian Open. The teardrop green is best approached from the near the right pond and a player should use enough club to reach the wider putting surface at the back.

Hole 14

The signature hole at The Lakes where many players must decide when they are ready to attempt the carry over the water to reach the huge, cascading green. Consider the pi position when laying up so that your approach will best use the slopes in the green to feed to the hole.

Hole 15

This hole plays shorter than its yardage, requiring g a short played to run down the front to back green to the flag. Avoid missing to the right as the pitch is much easier from the left side of the green.

Hole 16

Players must negotiate the pond, either playing across it after a well struck tee short or laying up to the tight left fairway. The big green has many pin positions so long putts are commonplace.

Hole 17

Only a well positioned tee shot will offer the player the chance to reach the green in two. Those laying up from the ‘island’ should try to favor the left side and by challenging the water, will have best line into the green. The front bunker is reasonable miss but chipping from the right is difficult.

Hole 18

This uphill par-3 can play much longer than its yardage depending on the wind. A deep swale protects the front/left of the green and a par is usually a good score here.

Australian Open
Pos.CountryPlayer TotalToday
1 MEX A.Ancer -16-3
2 AUS D.Papadatos -11-5
3 AUS J.McLeod -10-6
4 AUS M.Fraser -9-2
T5 AUS D.Micheluzzi -8-3