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Receiving a funding grant is a great way of attending to a much needed club project.  There are many forms of grants and some relate to specific areas such as a physical facility, flood relief or junior development.  Grants or grant writing support may be available in your State/Territory through the following organisations: State Golf/Territory Associations, State/Territory Dept. Sport & Rec, Club Associations such as Clubs NSW, The Australian Sports Commission and through local councils.
A good site to search for grants is the Sports Community site:

There are organisations such as and who provide help on achieving grant funding form government and philanthropic organisations.

Sourses of Grant Information

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ASF Fund

The Australian Sports Foundation (ASF) launched a Grants 4 Grassroots (G4G) Fund, a small grants program that fund innovative initiatives and programs aimed at increasing participation in grassroots and community based sport.

G4G was set up to support non-profit organisations with a sporting purpose and sporting clubs throughout Australia. Grants ranging from $2,500-$10,000 will be made to support a variety of participation based projects such as the purchase of sporting equipment, sport development initiatives or improvements to sporting facilities. Funds raised for G4G come from generous donors who wish to see more people playing sport and benefiting from the enjoyment and positive social impacts that sport can have on people and their communities.

To find out how your club can take advantage of the ASF's deductable gift receipent status by which donations of $2 or more to registered club projects are tax deductable, go to

Download ASF Fundraising Toolkit below

Grant Writing Specialists

There are a number of grant writing and planning specialists on the market such as SmartyGrants and Red Tape Busters.

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