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Get Into Golf and MyGolf's own BOOM

by Golf Australia

MyGolf girls enjoying their golf.

The recent ‘golf boom’ isn’t just feeding an increase to rounds or memberships, the nationwide appetite for golf has piqued interest in beginner programs.

Introductory programs Get Into Golf (for adults) and MyGolf (for juniors) have soared well above expectations in the past 12 months, despite the disruptions caused by COVID-19.

In that time, 6,594 adults and 24,068 juniors have participated in Get Into Golf and MyGolf, and Golf Australia products manager Jayden Zeinstra is delighted by the numbers.

“The appetite for more introductory golf experiences has never been higher, and we only need to look at the numbers coming through the Get Into Golf and MyGolf programs as clear evidence,” Zeinstra said.

Contained within these numbers is an even more pleasing trend - an uptake in female participation in the programs.

MyGolf reached a seven-year record high figure of 6,800 female registrations and Get Into Golf reached a total of 5,564 over the last 12 months. 

“With 85% of Get Into Golf participants being women, and 29% of participants in MyGolf girls, it’s reassuring that the environment of small groups with other females is proving to be a comfortable and attractive first step into our game,” Golf Australia junior products manager Emma Phillips said.

“The female percentage increase in MyGolf is result of a focus on more girls only programs and the addition of the Australian Golf Foundation Junior Girls Golf Scholarship program.”

The launch of a new website and program finder has also contributed to the increased uptake.

“We just want to make finding your local adult and junior introductory program as easy as possible,” Zeinstra said.

“This new platform gives the two programs a clear and central location, something that helps immensely as we help direct new females to local program opportunities.”

With these increased opportunities for females to start golf, Golf Australia and the Get Into Golf and MyGolf programs have an amazing opportunity to shape how women and girls engage with the sport for many years.

“So, while we can all hope for this current golf boom to continue, if we don’t continue to provide more gentle steps into our game, we are going to lose people to other sports,” Zeinstra said.

To get involved with the programs, or to learn more, please visit the pages linked below.

Get Into Golf homepage

MyGolf homepage

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