Golf Australia
Vision 2025 Roadshow - Adelaide
7 March 2019
North Adelaide GC, SA


Golf Australia Vision 2025: The Future of Women & Girls in Golf Strategy Roadshow

Golf Australia launched its Vision 2025: The Future of Women and Girls in Golf Strategy in early 2018.

The vision for the strategy positions golf as ‘a sport where women and girls are inspired to participate, feel welcomed and nurtured throughout, and empowered to achieve their goals’.

Golf Australia and our partners are committed to transforming the sport into one that is highly engaging, accessible, and fully inclusive for women and girls.

To share the Vision 2025 strategy with our golf community, Golf Australia is running a national roadshow.

Incorporated into the Roadshow will be an exclusive presentation of the Australian Human Rights Commission’s newly released National Guidelines for the Promotion of Equal Opportunity in Golf.

Who should attend the roadshow?
Anyone involved in a leadership role in a golf club.

Golf Australia recommends that Captains (club & women’s), Presidents (club & women’s) and General Managers attend a roadshow presentation.

Why should our club attend?
Golf Australia encourages all golf clubs in Australia to learn about the AHRC National Guidelines for the Promotion of Equal Opportunity in Golf. Ensuring golf club rules and governance are in line with state and national equal opportunity and anti discrimination laws is an important risk management strategy.

Golf Australia’s Vision 2025 Strategy will help guide club leaders to:
- Better understand how they can ensure that their clubs are supportive, inclusive, and welcoming for women and girls; and,
- Consider strategies to increase the participation of women and girls across clubs.

What will be included in the Vision 2025 Roadshow?
The Vision 2025 Roadshow agenda will include:
- Introduction to Golf Australia’s Vision 2025 Strategy
- Introduction to the Australian Human Rights Commission’s Guidelines for the Promotion of Equal Opportunity in Golf
- Q & A with Golf Australia staff including regional game & club support staff

Will we have opportunities to ask questions?
Yes. Each session will include a Q&A with Golf Australia roadshow presenters.

Vision 2025 Roadshow presentations will run for approximately 90 minutes.

How do I RSVP my attendance?
Please RSVP no later than 6 days before your chosen Vision 2025 Roadshow presentation


Or email:

*Please note this presentation will be filmed and made available to clubs to view online a few days after the night, so that club representatives can arrange a time to watch together (perhaps at next Committee Meeting) or individually at a suitable time.

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