McLeod putt controversy at #AusOpenGolf

Jake McLeod
Jake McLeod's birdie putt on the 4th sits on the edge of the cup.


Queensland professional Jake McLeod made a run at the #AusOpenGolf despite a controversy over a putt at the fourth hole.

McLeod was assessed a penalty shot after he was deemed to have waited too long over a birdie putt at the par-four that sat on the back lip of the cup while he was on top of the leaderboard.

Initially he was given a birdie three for the hole but a rules official was dispatched out on to the course and subsequently told McLeod that his score would be four, including a penalty shot.

The incident occurred on the third day of the Open at The Lakes.

Under the rules of golf, a player has a “reasonable time’’ to get to his ball if it is sitting on the lip, plus 10 seconds. McLeod was deemed to have waited 15 seconds before his ball dropped in.

However tournament director Trevor Herden said McLeod would be asked to clarify the situation when his round was complete, with some issue over whether the ball was still moving.




Posted by Ramon Newbery at
18/11/2018 10:55 AM
yes the ball must be deemed moving.How else would it have fallen. The movement may have been. minuscule but nevertheless moving. No penalty.
Posted by Mark Garcia at
17/11/2018 03:22 PM
After the hole was completed and the rules official was walking down the fairway with Jake and explaining why he was penalizing him: even one of McLeod's playing partners stated to the official that the ball was still moving/oscillating/vibrating however best to describe the winds effect on the ball as it was on the edge of the cup. Common sense as well as the rules tell you that if the ball was not done moving there is no way the 10 second rule could apply until after the ball stopped moving. Now, not only did he lose the birdie and suffer the penalty stroke, the foolish snap judgement of that official obviously took the wind out of Jake's sails while he was starting a scoring role and obviously put an adverse effect on him mentally hurting his round.... Very poor judgement and decision made on the officials part - sad.

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