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Governance Fundamentals: A convenient e-learning course for all


Common Governance Challenge

A recent article by Richard Fellner, the editor of Inside Golf magazine, highlights the common governance issues he hears about at clubs; board dysfunction, lack of role clarity, micromanagement and lack of future planning. See: Learning across the board. May Edition p.4

Many of these issues arise decade after decade as people work out what it takes to point with a group of people to their organisation in a common direction, ensuring that responsibilities are completed and role positions are respected.  These challenges are not unique to golf.

Finding time or financial resources to undertake professional development has often been a barrier for board members in golf clubs. 

Convenient new course

As Richard Fellner points out, that has all changed with an on-line governance course called "Governance Fundamentals"which sits on Golf Australia’s Clubs and Facilities Support Portal (click the long bar below the nine boxes). 

The course takes around one and ½ hours to complete, yet can save a board a great deal of time by giving focus to the true role of governance.  Governance Fundamentals has a particular focus on issues most common to golf clubs. 

The course is designed for captains, presidents, boards, committee members and senior managers.  It is also designed in mind for those who are contemplating a position on the board or committee or as part of an annual board induction.  Some have completed the course simply as interested members.

Importantly a growing number of GM’s have completed the course and it receives significant promotion from Golf Management Australia.

The true value comes to boards that use the courses insights to launch a review of their own club’s governance system whilst modernising the board thinking about their roles.

Members can expect more.

With the recent article in Inside Golf, many club members will be aware of the course and will expect their elected club leaders to have considered some form of professional development has taken place in club governance as their board’s commitment to serving the club well.

It’s only $49.50.   See short video

Rated it 4.5 out of 5, this is just some of the positive comments about the course.

This course is excellent, and perfectly set up and a very useful education tool. I am planning on using this for my current Board and as part of the new board member induction program.”  Rob McLean, GM - Windsor Country Golf Club, NSW

As a recently appointed Vice President of the Headland Golf Club, I found the Governance Fundamentals module to be an important part in understanding my role and responsibilities. The on-line experience was easy to follow, relevant and provided useful tools for further investigation if required.

I would strongly recommend that any new Board member complete the training as part of their induction process.

The module was so valuable that after consultation with our General Manager, we felt the training would benefit all the Board members, and this proved to be the case, with positive comments being provided.”  
Mandy Oster, Vice President - Headland Golf Club, QLD

To function effectively, individual board members and boards as a whole, need to have a clear understanding of their governance roles and responsibilities.  This module provides some great tools to develop this understanding as well as relevant exercises around how to and correctly apply it, all with a golf flavour.”  Ben Kavenagh, GM - Glenelg Golf Club, SA

“As part of our Club’s process for developing a new Strategic Plan which includes a focus on great Governance, we arranged for all of our Board Members to complete Golf Australia’s Governance Fundamentals online course.

The course has helped all of our Board to have a better, clearer and more consistent understanding of the principles of good governance and the importance of these in running a successful, sustainable Club.

Whilst myself and a number of our Board have been involved in business and the Club industry for some time, we all found many aspects of the course to be of terrific value.

The course is also written and structured in a way that is easy to understand for those that may not have had previous experience with Boards and/or Committees.

I would encourage all Golf Club committee members to complete the course and suggest it would be great practice for Clubs to have each new committee member complete this course as part of their induction.” 
Rob Horrigan, GM -  Patterson River Country Club, VIC

“Golf Australia’s ‘Governance Fundamentals’ course is a simple and effective way for Board Members (and key staff) to gain a better understanding of club governance.

It is particularly effective for new Board Members, and we will make it compulsory for all new Board Members to undertake the course. Well done Golf Australia!!”  Ben Dobson, GM Headland Golf Club, QLD

Paul Vardy
Clubs & Facilities Support Manager
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