Golf Australia
January Event Venue Winner
07/01-07/01 South Australian Members Open Day Royal Adelaide Golf Club, SA
13/01-13/01 South East Rules Seminar Naracoorte Golf Club, SA
20/01-20/01 SE Mixed Foursomes Port MacDonnell Golf Club, SA
21/01-21/01 South Australian Members Open Day Kooyonga Golf Club, SA
25/01-27/01 SE Ambrose Weekend Kingston SE Golf Club, SA
28/01-28/01 Australia Day Ambrose Blackwood Golf Club, SA, Australia
February Event Venue Winner
03/02-03/02 King of Swing of the Mountain Blue Lake Public Golf Links, SA
04/02-04/02 South Australian Members Open Day Glenelg Golf Club, SA
07/02-07/02 Women's VW Scramble Thaxted Park Golf Club, SA
08/02-10/02 SE Summer Tournament Port MacDonnell Golf Club, SA
09/02-09/02 Ladies Open Day Port MacDonnell Golf Club, SA
17/02-17/02 Volkswagon Scramble Mount Gambier Golf Club, SA
23/02-02/03 Southern Ports Golf Week Beachport Golf Club, SA & Kingston SE Golf Club, SA
23/02-23/03 Men's Summer Open Wallaroo Golf Club, SA
25/02-25/02 Women's Open Day Echunga Golf Club, SA
27/02-27/02 SA Women's Open Day Mount Osmond Golf Club, SA
March Event Venue Winner
03/03-03/03 Ambrose Championship Victor Harbor Golf Club, SA
11/03-11/03 Burra Heritage Classic Burra Golf Club, SA
14/03-14/03 SA Women's Open Day Flagstaff Hill Golf Club, SA
14/03-14/03 Ladies Open Day Links Lady Bay Golf Club, SA
16/03-17/03 Copperclub Autumn Classic Copperclub Port Hughes, SA
21/03-21/03 SA Women's Open Day The Stirling Golf Club, SA
22/03-22/03 Women's Open Day Aston Hills Golf Club at Mount Barker, SA
22/03-22/03 Clare Farmer's Day Clare Golf Club, SA
23/03-23/03 Copper Coast Build Logix Pro-Am Copperclub Port Hughes, SA
23/03-24/03 Renmark Open Renmark Golf Club, SA
24/03-24/03 The Tuohy Trophy Glenelg Golf Club, SA
April Event Venue Winner
03/04-07/04 SA Masters Games (Clare) Clare Golf Club, SA
04/04-04/04 SA Women's Open Day West Lakes Golf Club, SA
27/04-27/04 Wallaroo Open Wallaloo Golf Club, VIC
May Event Venue Winner
02/05-02/05 SA Women's Open Day Thaxted Park Golf Club, SA
03/05-03/05 Ladies Open Day Clare Golf Club, SA
09/05-09/05 Ladies Open Day Barmera Golf Club, SA
10/05-10/05 Ladies Open Day Burra Golf Club, SA
18/05-18/05 Ardrossan Open Ardrossan Golf Club, SA
19/05-19/05 Yorketown Open Yorketown Golf Club, SA
19/05-19/05 Mid North Group Open (Closed Event) Clare Golf Club, SA
24/05-24/05 Ladies Open Day Balaklava Golf Club, SA
26/05-26/05 Wool Bay Open Wool Bay Golf Club, SA
26/05-26/05 Kapunda Open Kapunda Golf Club, SA
31/05-31/05 Ladies Open Day Sandy Creek Golf Club, SA
June Event Venue Winner
01/06-01/06 Yorke Peninsula Foursomes Yorketown Golf Club, SA
02/06-02/06 Mixed Ambrose Saddleworth Golf Club, SA
07/06-07/06 Mid North District Ladies Foursomes (Closed Event) Balaklava Golf Club, SA
09/06-09/06 Curramulka Open Curramulka Golf Club, SA
15/06-16/06 Barmera Open Weekend Barmera Golf Club, SA
16/06-16/06 Banks & Wilson Port Vincent Golf Club, SA
16/06-16/06 Morgan / Cadell Open Morgan-Cadell Golf Club, SA
21/06-21/06 Mid North District Ladies Teams Day (Closed Event) Highercombe Golf & Country Club, SA
23/06-23/06 Edithburgh Open Edithburgh Golf Club, SA
23/06-23/06 Burra Open Burra Golf Club, SA
24/06-24/06 Ladies Open Day Riverton Golf Club, SA
29/06-29/06 Copperclub Winter Open Copperclub Port Hughes, SA
30/06-30/06 Men's, Ladies & Mixed Ambrose Blyth Golf Club, SA
July Event Venue Winner
05/07-05/07 Yorke Peninsula Junior Open Maitland Golf Club, SA
06/07-06/07 Kadina Open Kadina Golf Club, SA
07/07-07/07 Hamley Bridge Open Hamley Bridge Golf Club, SA
09/07-09/07 Breast Cancer Golf Day Tanunda Pines Golf Club, SA
14/07-14/07 Stansbury Open Stansbury Golf Club, SA
14/07-14/07 MNGA Day (Closed Event) Tanunda Pines Golf Club, SA
20/07-20/07 Port Victoria Open Port Victoria Golf Club, SA
21/07-21/07 Warooka Open Warooka Golf Club, SA
21/07-21/07 Owen Open Owen Golf Club, SA
27/07-27/07 Moonta Open Moonta Golf Club, SA
28/07-28/07 Minlaton Open Minlaton Golf Club, SA
28/07-28/07 Tanunda Pines Open Tanunda Pines Golf Club, SA
August Event Venue Winner
03/08-04/08 Yorke Peninsula and Maitland Open Maitland Golf Club, SA
04/08-04/08 Balaklava Open Balaklava Golf Club, SA
09/08-09/08 Ladies Open Day Tanunda Pines Golf Club, SA
18/08-18/08 Port Vincent Open Port Vincent Golf Club, SA
28/08-28/08 SA Women's Open Day Tea Tree Gully Golf Club, SA
31/08-31/08 West End Day Curramulka Golf Club, SA
September Event Venue Winner
07/09-07/09 YP Champion of Champions & Promnitz Shield Ardrossan Golf Club, SA
21/09-21/09 Kangaroo Island Ambrose Championship (Mixed) Kingscote Golf Club Inc, SA
22/09-22/09 Kingscote Men's Open Kingscote Golf Club Inc, SA
October Event Venue Winner
03/10-03/10 SA Women's Open Day The Vines Golf Club of Reynella, SA
18/10-20/10 Clare Spring Classic Clare Golf Club, SA
19/10-19/10 Copperclub Open Copperclub Port Hughes, SA
November Event Venue Winner
09/11-10/11 Barmera Spring Classic Barmera Golf Club, SA
19/11-19/11 SA Women's Open Day Blackwood Golf Club, SA, Australia
December Event Venue Winner
No events found.
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