Hosts Mark Allen and Tiffany Cherry, plus news with Martin Blake.

Podcast | Australian Golf Show

The Australian Golf Show gives you unrestricted access to the game across Australia and around the world.

The hosts are media professionals Tiffany Cherry and Mark Allen, vastly experienced radio and television presenters united by a love of golf. Allen, of course, is a former touring professional.

They are supported by Golf Australia Media Manager Martin Blake and an assortment of regular co-hosts and guests.

The podcast has more than 60,000 listeners each week.

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Meet the hosts

Cherry is one of Australia’s leading sports presenters and producers, with credits in television, film, radio, print and digital media. She was the first female AFL boundary commentator and one of the original faces of Fox Footy, has co-hosted the Summer and Winter Olympics and Commonwealth Games for Foxtel, hosted for ESPN’s SportsCenter and worked as an international reporter for CNN.

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