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Workforce Management

Workforce Management

Successful golf clubs have good people doing great things. The people in your club, staff & volunteers, are your workforce and they are the people you need for your club to function e.g. board/committee, sub-committees, employees and other volunteers.

If you understand your workforce, the number of people and skills required for the various roles, you are better placed to achieve your club’s desired outcomes.  Supporting people in their roles is critical to their success and the club success. 

Workforce planning is about ensuring you have:

  • the right people
  • in the right roles
  • for the right time
  • with the right skills; &
  • at the right cost.

In addition to these factors you should seek out people who reflect the values behaviours and attitudes of the club.

The supporting resources will assist you and your club in managing volunteers and employees.

ASC volunteer market_segmentation_-_types of and strategies for volunteers

Fairwork Australia - Minimum-workplace-entitlements


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