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Women's Senior GA OOM

The Golf Australia Order of Merit (GA OOM), previously known as the Australian Amateur Ranking System, provides players the opportunity to monitor their performance based on results from particular Australian events (known as Golf Australia Order of Merit Events).

The GA OOM is primarily aimed at Australian based golfers who contest Australian events. It encourages participation among low-handicapped golfers and allows them to monitor their own development and form.

2017 Final Rankings: Winner ~ Kim Burke (NSW)
2016 Final Rankings:
 Winner ~ Jacqui Morgan (NSW)
2015 Final Rankings: Winner ~ Jacqui Morgan (NSW)
2014 Final Rankings: Winner ~ Jacqui Morgan (NSW)
2013 Final Rankings: Winner ~ Wendy O'Connell (Qld)
2012 Final Rankings: Winner ~ Sylvia Donohoe (NSW)
2011 Final Rankings: Winner ~ Sylvia Donohoe (NSW)
2010 Final Rankings: Winner ~ Josie Ryan (Qld)
2009 Final Rankings: Winner ~ Sylvia Donohoe (NSW)


For all Australian Senior Teams, players must:

> be an Australian citizen;
> be a member of a currently affiliated golf club; and
> if relevant, satisfy particular tournament eligibility criteria (in the conditions for the tournament for which a player is being considered for seleciton).

Note: The GA Championship Committee reserves the right to veto a selection, including "automatic selections", where, in its absolute discretion, it feels a player's record, behaviour, disciplinary history or participation is not in the best interests of the game or the relevant event.

The criteria below applies to the following events:

A six-woman team contests foursomes, fourball and singles match play against a six-woman New Zealand team. The event is played biennially.

2018 Event: 28-30 October, The Grange Golf Club (West Course), Adelaide SA


1. The playing captain/manager will be determined approximately 3 months prior to the event and will assist in the organisation of the event. The captain/manager will in the first instance be one of the automatic selections.

2. Golf Australia covers the costs of return economy airfares for four players, three nights' accommodation for four players, green fees, range balls, pull buggies, a playing uniform and the official dinner for all players.

3. The team will be selected as follows:
> The leading four (4) available players from the GA OOM as at the time of selection (these players must have played in at least two GA OOM events in the previous 12-months).
> Two (2) players at the discretion of GA (there is no minimum number of GA OOM events these players must have played).

Note: The two (2) players selected at the discretion of GA will be required to meet the following criteria:
a) Any player of outstanding ability who will have attained the age of 55 years at the time of the event even if they have not played in any GA OOM events should be considered.
b) A player cannot be a GA selection on more than two (2) consecutive ocassions unless they are the Australian champion.

The team will be selected following the Darwin Senior Open at the end of July.


Click here for the 2018 event page.


A 12-person GA team contests foursomes, fourball and singles match play against a 12-person Australian Defence Forces team. The event is played annually.

2018 Event: 25-27 March at The National Golf Club, Victoria. 



1. Mike Peeck has been named Captain of the Golf Australia Team.

2. Golf Australia covers the cost of a return economy airfare for interstate players (TBC for 2018), two nights' accommodation, official functions, and carts. Other minor costs (such as local transport, and some meals) are at the expense of the players. Local players may choose whether they wish to stay with the team or at home.

3. The team shall be selected as follows:

a. The leading one (1) male player from each State and Territory from the Golf Australia Men's Senior Order of Merit (provided they are in the top 40 of the GA OOM as at the time of selection).

b. The leading one (1) female player from the Golf Australia Women's Senior Order of Merit (provided they are in the top 10 of the GA OOM at the time of selection.)

c. The leading one (1) player from the previous year's Australian Men's Mid Amateur Championship (provided they are in the top 5 of the overall results).

d. The leading one (1) player frpm the previous year's Australian Women's Mid Amateur Championship (provided they are in the top 3 of the overall results).

e. One (1) Captain's pick (may be male or female).

In the event of there being no available player from any of the above categories, the remaining places will be filled at the discretion of GA and the Captain.


Click here for the 2018 event page.



> The winner, runner up, and two semi-finalists of the Australian Women's Senior Amateur Championship receive a $1,000 grant to offset expenses associated with attending the NZ Women's Senior Match Play Championship. 

> Should one of these players not be an Australian, the grant will be awarded to the quarter-finalist who finished lowest in the qualifying rounds.

> If a player does not wish to take the subsidy, the funds will be retained by GA.

> The NZ Women's Senior Match Play Championship is traditionally held in February.



If you are looking for more information about women’s senior golf in Australia, join the Australian Senior Women’s Golf Facebook page.  

It includes information on events, representative opportunities, the Golf Australia Order of Merit and other women’s senior golf news.

It is a closed Facebook group and the administrators of the page are: Josie Ryan (Qld), Jill Blenkey, Kim Burke & Maggie Hayes (NSW); Pauline Jeffery (ACT); Libby Broomhead (SA), Jo Sellen (Vic), Deirdre Panton & Jen Hubbard (Tas) and Lynn Hancock & Glenys Ferguson (WA).  

Please contact Golf Australia for further information.



Golf Australia recognises the improtance of a direct link with senior golfers to ensure that policies relating to senior players are in the best interests of both parties and golf generally in Australia. Accordingly, the National Senior Advisory Group was re-established in August 2012. Each of Golf Australia's Member Associations has a representative on the group. These representatives are:

> Chris Gordon (NSW)
> Mal Guerin (NT)
> Luke Bates (Qld)
> Chris Everett (SA)
> Stuart Eaton (Tas)
> Anthony Hyde (Vic)
> Ian McPherson (WA)
> Josie Ryan (Qld) - female representative

Senior golfers may contact their representative regarding any matters relating to senior golf. The representatives' details can be asscetained by contacting Golf Australia or the relevant State Association.

1 MORGAN Jacqui NSW 157.40
2 PASCOE Helen VIC 147.87
3 JEFFERY Pauline ACT 118.25
4 HAINES Nikki NSW 117.80
5 RYAN Josie Qld 114.82
6 BURKE Kim NSW 113.37
7 O'CONNELL Wendy Qld 112.12
8 SELLEN Jo Vic 103.81
10 BONIFACE Robyn NZ 83.75
11 WOOSTER Sue VIC 83.50
12 BENNETT Lyn WA 82.46
13 HAYES Maggie NSW 74.25
14 FERGUSON Glenys WA 73.90
15 BANKS Lyn NSW 71.25
16 PUCKETT Robyn USA 67.00
17 VAN DER BRUGGHEN Shirley WA 62.81
18 BLENKEY Jill NSW 62.37
19 STOLZ Gia Qld 62.00
20 FISHER Ros WA 59.83
21 DONOHOE Sylvia NSW 58.00
22 FRENCH Lindsay Tas 55.25
23 SMYTH Liz ACT 55.00
24 HALL Tammy Tas 54.50
25 PULLAR Robyn Maree NZL 49.75
26 ROBERTS Jennifer NSW 47.10
27 BRANDER Deirdre NSW 44.25
28 NORTHROP Janine WA 44.12
29 PAYNE Fay Qld 44.00
30 FRANKLIN Jane Qld 43.87
31 ELLIS Helen NSW 43.41
32 HERGENHAN Wendy NSW 40.06
33 STERNBERG Cheryl Qld 39.00
34 HILL Anne NSW 35.12
35 MOON Val NT 33.50
36 BOND Karen WA 32.75
37 BROWN Anne Qld 30.75
38 LAWRENCE Joyce NSW 30.00
39 FAIRLESS Margaret NT 28.00
40 SHERIDAN Vicky Qld 25.25
T41 DAUBENTON Zibeth Tas 25.00
T41 FORD Sandy NT 25.00
43 CHALMERS Brenda NSW 24.87
44 HOLDSWORTH Karen WA 24.75
T45 BARRATT Tracey Qld 24.50
T45 HARRIS Annabel Qld 24.50
47 WOODBERRY Pat ACT 24.37
T48 BENBOW Robyn NT 23.75
T48 OBLONK Greta NT 23.75
T48 PLUG Susan WA 23.75
T48 ROBERTSON Trudy NT 23.75
T48 WOLFE Gayle 23.75
53 OLLEY Janice Qld 23.50
54 EDWARDS Laurel QLD 23.00
55 LEARY Kerrie QLD 22.75
56 DAVIES Terri WA 22.00
57 WINTER Robyn NSW 21.87
T58 PATON Rosemary Tas 21.37
T58 SYKES Suzanne Tas 21.37
60 SCOTT Lesley NT 20.75
T61 LAWS Vicki Qld 20.50
T61 MEDLYCOTT Anne Tas 20.50
63 HANCOCK Lyn WA 20.33
64 DONOHUE Jane TAS 20.12
65 DAWSON Sharon WA 20.00
66 HAMPEL Leanne NT 19.75
T67 MCWILLIAM Sue NT 19.37
T67 REYNOLDS Keryn 19.37
T67 TICKELL June VIC 19.37
T67 SUMPTON Liz Tas 19.37
71 HERRING Judy NT 19.25
T72 CLUTTERBUCK Gwen Qld 19.00
T72 FROST Jennifer NSW 19.00
74 PASCOE Colette QLD 18.95
75 DAVIDSON Wendy Tas 18.25
T76 ANDERSON Paula 18.00
T76 SCHWARZ Kea Qld 18.00
T76 MUIR Patsy TAS 18.00
T76 PEPPER Deborah NT 18.00
80 BAKER Debbie NSW 17.75
81 WILSON Kymberley WA 17.62
T82 PANTON Deidre 17.37
T82 DUNGEY Mardi WA 17.37
T84 BALOCCA Marion NT 17.25
T84 BRYAN Annette 17.25
T84 HARLEY Heather VIC 17.25
T87 CONSTABLE Helen WA 17.00
T87 FOWLER Rosemary WA 17.00
89 SMITH Carmel Qld 16.83
T90 DRY Yvonne Tas 16.50
T90 HENNINGSEN Kerry VIC 16.50
T90 JONES Josephine WA 16.50
93 HUBBARD Jenny Tas 16.25
T94 JOHNSTONE Wendy NSW 16.12
T94 KERR Jenny NSW 16.12
T94 NANCE Patricia NSW 16.12
T97 HOILE Trish WA 16.00
T97 HUGHES Cheryl NT 16.00
T97 SMITH Val Qld 16.00
T100 ELPHINSTONE Kerry VIC 15.75
T100 JAMES-WOOD Sharon Tas 15.75
T100 MORGAN Dale WA 15.75
T100 WHITE Margaret ACT 15.75
104 NETSCHER Carol SA 15.37
T105 ROSEL Lyn NT 15.25
T105 YELLAND Ruth Qld 15.25
T107 HAMPSON Heather NSW 15.00
T107 HANSEN Joanne NT 15.00
T107 JAGO Jennifer Tas 15.00
110 RIDER Jacqueline NSW 14.75
111 BLAIR Janette NSW 14.62
T112 MYRANDER Marie Tas 14.50
T112 OTLEY Celia NT 14.50
T112 WINTERBORN Linda VIC 14.50
T115 PELLOW Robyn NZL 14.25
T115 PICKERING Bernadette QLD 14.25
T117 BLACK Lynette Qld 14.00
T117 HARDING Velma Qld 14.00
T117 MOORE Allana Qld 14.00
T120 BRUCE Bonita NSW 13.75
T120 DEVEREUX Kathryn NSW 13.75
T120 MAGNER Rhonda NSW 13.75
T123 BOYD Angela VIC 13.56
T123 COLLINGWOOD Sandra VIC 13.56
T123 GANNON Sue VIC 13.56
T123 GORIN Debbie VIC 13.56
T127 BURD Rosemary WA 13.50
T127 DELSAR Marian NT 13.50
129 COLLINGS Karen Qld 13.25
130 MOON Nicky ACT 13.00
T131 BALDISSERA Kerry QLD 12.75
T131 BYE Jillian Tas 12.75
T131 CUPPLES Lynne 12.75
T131 LAWSON Libby TAS 12.75
T131 MAJOR Judy 12.75
T131 WELCH Carolyn 12.75
137 BISHOP Marg NSW 12.62
T138 MARSH Val NSW 12.50
T138 REGUSON Susan NSW 12.50
T140 CAMPBELL Rosemary 12.25
T140 FONG Angela Qld 12.25
T140 GELLATLY Heather Vic 12.25
T140 RYAN Christine WA 12.25
T140 ZOTTI Elaine NSW 12.25
145 GRAHAM Diane Qld 12.12
T146 HARRIS Fran WA 12.00
T146 WALKER Jan WA 12.00
T148 CLYNE Sandra NT 11.75
T148 HALLAM Lynn Tas 11.75
T148 LEHMANN Marilou 11.75
T148 MCGUINNESS Betty VIC 11.75
152 MCGOWAN Pam Qld 11.50
T153 FELTHAM Flo VIC 11.25
T153 PURTILL Heather NSW 11.25
T153 STOKES Vicki NT 11.25
T156 ANDREWS Elly 11.00
T156 MELHUISH Gaylene Tas 11.00
T158 BARLOW Trish VIC 10.75
T158 WALKER Mary Ann NSW 10.75
T160 LEWIS Louise NSW 10.62
T160 SEAKINS Stephanie NSW 10.62
T162 GRAHAM Meredith TAS 10.50
T162 HOWARD Wendy NT 10.50
T162 MCCULLOCH Cheryl NT 10.50
T162 MILNE Margery VIC 10.50
T162 ROMAIOR Margaret WA 10.50
167 PURTILL Heather NSW 10.25
T168 DONOVAN Rochelle WA 10.00
T168 HARRIS Shona NT 10.00
T168 HUGHES Roslyn NSW 10.00
T168 WALL Brenda VIC 10.00
T172 GALLAGHER Kerruy QLD 9.87
T172 JENKINS Pauline 9.87
T172 TOWNS Vicki 9.87
175 TURNER Ann VIC 9.75
T176 DAVIS Diane 9.62
T176 SMITH Susan Qld 9.62
T176 WIBLEN Kim NSW 9.62
T179 TAYLOR Chris ACT 9.50
T179 WATSON Melita NSW 9.50
181 SALMON Margaret Ann ACT 9.37
T182 BOX Christine WA 9.25
T182 CURTIS Christine QLD 9.25
T182 DARLEY Jill Qld 9.25
T182 EMERY Helen QLD 9.25
T182 FEHLBURG Judith 9.25
T182 MAXWELL Mary VIC 9.25
T182 SHEARER Sue NT 9.25
T189 BROOMHEAD Libby SA 9.08
T189 HANSON Kaye WA 9.08
T191 GORDON Leonie 9.00
T191 REABURN Susie NT 9.00
T191 THOMPSON Glenys NSW 9.00
T191 WILKIE Kate QLD 9.00
T191 WILSON Sharyn VIC 9.00
196 PAINTER Susan Qld 8.75
T197 CASSIAN Angie WA 8.50
T197 HOSCHKE Dianne NSW 8.50
T197 NEATE Joan 8.50
T197 STEVENS Sharon Qld 8.50
T201 BRKIC Jean Qld 8.37
T201 GOBBY Shonna WA 8.37
T201 KEILY Beverly VIC 8.37
T201 MCAULEY Mary VIC 8.37
T205 DUDDRIDGE Angie VIC 8.00
T205 TAMEGAL Jessie 8.00
T207 CROWLEY Kerri NT 7.62
T207 LOGAN Judith Qld 7.62
T207 SHERVILL Shirley 7.62
T207 SWANN Isabella Qld 7.62
T211 ANGUS Phyllis NSW 7.37
T211 FORSYTH Lindel QLD 7.37
T211 KELLY Noeline QLD 7.37
T214 ALSTON Elizabeth VIC 7.25
T214 NAISMITH Adrienne Qld 7.25
T214 THOMPSON Sue WA 7.25
T217 JAMES Maryanne 7.00
T217 KENDALL Jenny VIC 7.00
T217 MILBURN Jill QLD 7.00
T217 NUNN Pam NT 7.00
221 STREET Linne NSW 6.87
T222 SCOTT Kerrie VIC 6.75
T222 TILLEY Chris NT 6.75
T224 HOPPER Jill VIC 6.50
T224 JENSEN Christine 6.50
T226 FRASER Helen Qld 6.37
T226 JONES Vicki Qld 6.37
T226 LOWRIE Susan Qld 6.37
T229 COSSAR Valma Qld 6.25
T229 HICKEY Gloria NSW 6.25
T229 LIEDKE Karin VIC 6.25
T229 TANNER Jenny Qld 6.25
T229 WILSON Gladys Qld 6.25
T234 TOWNSEND Maxine NSW 6.12
T234 TUNKS Judith NSW 6.12
T234 WATT Robyn NSW 6.12
237 MARTINO Betty VIC 6.00
T238 LOVE Debbie Qld 5.75
T238 PERRIN Laurel VIC 5.75
T238 WEINGARTH Georgina QLD 5.75
T238 WHISH-WILSON Dianne 5.75
T242 BUSBY Pam Qld 5.58
T242 THOMAS Jan QLD 5.58
T244 DONE Prue NSW 5.50
T244 HANSEN Venessa Qld 5.50
247 OGRADY Sharyn NSW 5.37
248 MORPETH Anne NSW 5.25
249 FOURTE Phyllis Qld 5.08
T250 BOREHAM Robyn Qld 5.00
T250 CARLISLE Liz Qld 5.00
252 LAWLOR Jane NSW 4.87
253 MILLER Fran ACT 4.75
T254 CLARKE Catherine Qld 4.50
T254 HARRISON Linda Qld 4.50
T254 JOHNSON Diana NSW 4.50
T254 McDOUGALL Lynda NSW 4.50
T254 MORSE Kaye Tas 4.50
T254 PROUD Lu Tas 4.50
T254 VALLELY Suzanne Qld 4.50
T254 WILLIAMSON Joyce NSW 4.50
T262 VAN DEN BERG Julie NSW 4.25
T262 ZAKAREVICIUS Elizabeth QLD 4.25
T264 DAINES Lynnette QLD 4.12
T264 NORTON Ann QLD 4.12
266 CHITTOCK Helen Qld 4.00
267 SASSELLA Pamela ACT 3.87
268 STRUDWICK Kathy QLD 3.83
T269 POWER Karen QLD 3.75
T269 WATSON Carole Qld 3.75
T271 GIUDES Fran NSW 3.66
T271 MINEHAN Lucy NSW 3.66
273 RODWELL Eileen NSW 3.62
274 BAKER Ino NSW 3.50
275 MCKINNON Narelle ACT 3.41
276 BAYNES Pamela QLD 3.37
277 LANE Lorraine Qld 3.25
T278 DAVIDSON Robyn QLD 3.16
T278 HENDRIE Carmel Qld 3.16
T278 STREETER Mary NSW 3.16
T281 CUMMINGS Glenys NSW 3.08
T281 HOLECEK Ann NSW 3.08
T281 WALSH Shirley ACT 3.08
284 WOLFE Jane NSW 3.00
T285 EMERSON Margaret Qld 2.91
T285 PATTERSON Judith QLD 2.91
T287 CHUTER Ruth NSW 2.75
T287 DAVIES Vicki NSW 2.75
T287 McCOSKER Judith NSW 2.75
T287 PETTY Sue NSW 2.75
T287 SCHEIWE Christine Qld 2.75
T292 BEENTJES Susan NSW 2.62
T292 PALMER Kay Qld 2.62
T292 PETERS Lee QLD 2.62
295 ATKINS Heather NSW 2.50
T296 LUSH Barbara Qld 2.37
T296 STRACHAN Jeanette NSW 2.37
298 RAUTER Rangi Qld 2.25
T299 ANGUS Felicity Qld 2.00
T299 FLINN Gail Qld 2.00
T299 NIXON Fay Qld 2.00
T299 WARD Gail Qld 2.00
T303 CAMPBELL Maree QLD 1.93
T303 CLARK Carmel QLD 1.93
T303 GRAY Helen QLD 1.93
T303 McDONALD Louise Qld 1.93
307 GREEN Christa Qld 1.75
308 ZIELENKO Melita ACT 1.37
T309 CHRISTENSEN Maree Qld 1.25
T309 BAGGIE Annette NSW 1.25
T309 BAIN Carole WA 1.25
T309 BARWICK Lyn Qld 1.25
T309 BROCK Karen QLD 1.25
T309 BROWN Sharon SA 1.25
T309 BROWN Veronica SA 1.25
T309 DONNELLY Linda WA 1.25
T309 EMBERY Glenda Tas 1.25
T309 EMMERTON Ruth Tas 1.25
T309 EVETTS Pen Tas 1.25
T309 GILLIES Sandra NSW 1.25
T309 HANCOCK Vivien Tas 1.25
T309 HARLING Lynda WA 1.25
T309 HAY Elizabeth Tas 1.25
T309 JENSEN Helen WA 1.25
T309 JOHNSON Peta NSW 1.25
T309 LLOYD Dianne WA 1.25
T309 McSPARRON Helen VIC 1.25
T309 PLAISTER Helen Tas 1.25
T309 POTTLE Sue QLD 1.25
T309 PROSSER Bev Qld 1.25
T309 RICHARDSON Susan WA 1.25
T309 STEWART Jennifer NSW 1.25
T309 THEW Jenny WA 1.25
T309 URQUHART Linda Qld 1.25
T309 WONG Lynette QLD 1.25
337 GOODGER Shirley NSW 0.75
T338 BESSANT Fran NSW 0.50
T338 BOWDEN Pattie NSW 0.50
T338 BOWDEN Pattie NSW 0.50
T338 CRAWFORD Jacqui QLD 0.50
T338 EASTWELL Ann QLD 0.50
T338 EULER Yolande Qld 0.50
T338 FOREMAN Marilyn QLD 0.50
T338 HEATH Lesley Qld 0.50
T338 HILL Lavinia Qld 0.50
T338 HUNT Julie QLD 0.50
T338 KELLOWAY Jenny NSW 0.50
T338 NANCARROW Gwenyth Qld 0.50
T338 ROBINSON Nicolette QLD 0.50
T338 SPELLICY Sue QLD 0.50
T338 VOORMA Marie Qld 0.50
T338 WRIGHT Chris NSW 0.50
T355 DOWSON Virginia QLD 0.25
T355 MILLS Karen Qld 0.25
T357 DIVERS Tonie Qld 0
T357 JURD Norma NSW 0
T357 MACE Leoni 0
T357 PECK Eileen Qld 0
Player State Pts Av
1 MICHELUZZI David VIC 115.61
2 WINDRED Blake NSW 112.50
3 MURRAY Zach VIC 101.50
4 HEFFERNAN William VIC 87.65
5 MICHEL Kyle VIC 87.29
> Full List
Player State Pts Av
1 KIM Grace NSW 124.77
2 KAY Rebecca QLD 104.05
3 BUNQUE Stephanie VIC 90.45
4 CHOI Doey NSW 88.00
5 MATSUMOTO Konomi VIC 86.46
> Full List
Player State Pts Av
1 GREER Joshua WA 109.59
2 MCKINNEY Connor WA 107.49
3 FEWKES Connor WA 93.70
4 MORGAN Jediah QLD 87.57
5 DE SOUSA Jose WA 75.12
> Full List
Player State Pts Av
1 KIM Grace NSW 152.20
2 KYRIACOU Stephanie NSW 111.03
3 YAMAGUCHI * Suzuka JPN 108.11
4 CHOI Doey NSW 101.62
5 PORTER Cassie QLD 97.48
> Full List
Player State Pts Av
1 RHODES Greg VIC 143.42
2 CLANEY Gordon VIC 103.19
3 ALBINSKI Stefan NSW 92.35
4 TOYNE Steve QLD 88.00
5 PETERSON Lester NSW 85.21
> Full List
Player State Pts Av
1 MORGAN Jacqui NSW 157.40
2 PASCOE Helen VIC 147.87
3 JEFFERY Pauline ACT 118.25
4 HAINES Nikki NSW 117.80
5 RYAN Josie Qld 114.82
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