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Common golf competitions

There are two basic forms of play – match play and stroke play.

Score Cards

Each time a player plays in a stroke play competition a score card is required. Even playing socially, it is handy to have a score card. In match play competitions a score card is not required.

In a competition, players do not mark their own score card – it is swapped with another player in the group, and each player marks each other’s card. At the end of the round, the player and the marker sign the score card to verify the scores.

Golf Scorecard








Australian Junior Championships
25 March 2017
AVONDALE: Women: Stableford: L Geldens (31) 45. more
25 March 2017
DORSET: Women: Stableford: P Brown (30) 38. Snr A: K Currell (10) 38. B: M Macnamara (13) 43. C: C Holland (28) 39. more
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