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The Golf Australia Order of Merit (GA OOM), previously known as the Australian Amateur Ranking System, provides players the opportunity to monitor their performance based on results from particular Australian events (known as Golf Australia Order of Merit Events). 

The GA OOM is primarily aimed at Australian based golfers who contest Australian events. It encourages participation among low-handicapped golfers and allows them to monitor their own development and form. 

The GA OOM is also used as an entry criterion for the Australian Amateur and Australian Junior Championships. Other major Australian event organisers also use the AOOM for players to gain exemption into their tournaments.

Whilst the GA OOM recognises the best performed player over the previous the 12-month period, Golf Australia’s High-Performance Program places greater emphasis on The R&A’s WAGR when selecting benchmark players, Australian Teams and prioritizing funding allocations. The WAGR is more indicative of a player’s standing, as it considers events worldwide and compares all players worldwide.  

GA OOMs are maintained for the following:

• Open Men’s GA OOM
• Open Women’s GA OOM
• Boys’ GA OOM (under 18)
• Girls’ GA OOM (under 18)
• Senior Men’s GA OOM (55 and over)
• Senior Women’s GA OOM (55 and over)

The system is points-based and awards points to players according to the players’ finishing positions. The number of points is related to the strength of the field based on the number of, and ranking of, players in the starting field.

It is based over a 52-week cycle commencing 1 November each year and concluding 31 October each year. The player with the highest average at 31 October each year is recognised as the winner of their designated GA OOM. A 12-month cycle is used as opposed to a two-year cycle to ensure players’ more recent form is reflected, and to guarantee a player who has just entered the GA OOM is not disadvantaged due to their fewer number of events contested.

Any player, irrespective of nationality, is eligible to accrue points for, and be recognised as the winner of, their designated GA OOM. The inclusion of non-Australians ensures a more accurate reflection of every player’s ability in the context of the overall system.

To provide a fair and equitable GA OOM, at least two events from each State and the NT are eligible to be granted GA OOM status in each category of GA OOM. The number of events is restricted to ensure the group of GA OOM Events remains exclusive, and that the events provide high-level competitive opportunities for those who play by ensuring the top players compete in the same events.

Player State Pts Av
1 MICHELUZZI David VIC 115.61
2 WINDRED Blake NSW 112.50
3 MURRAY Zach VIC 101.50
4 HEFFERNAN William VIC 87.65
5 MICHEL Kyle VIC 87.29
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Player State Pts Av
1 KIM Grace NSW 124.77
2 KAY Rebecca QLD 104.05
3 BUNQUE Stephanie VIC 91.79
4 CHOI Doey NSW 88.00
5 MATSUMOTO Konomi VIC 86.46
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Player State Pts Av
1 MCKINNEY Connor WA 110.31
2 GREER Joshua WA 109.59
3 FEWKES Connor WA 89.03
4 DOBBELAAR Louis QLD 80.46
5 PICKIN Jye NSW 75.94
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Player State Pts Av
1 KIM Grace NSW 145.47
2 PARK Hye QLD 113.78
3 YAMAGUCHI * Suzuka JPN 108.11
4 KYRIACOU Stephanie NSW 103.49
5 PORTER Cassie QLD 102.08
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Player State Pts Av
1 RHODES Greg VIC 143.42
2 CLANEY Gordon VIC 103.19
3 DAVEY John SA 92.42
4 ALBINSKI Stefan NSW 92.35
5 PETERSON Lester NSW 85.21
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Player State Pts Av
1 MORGAN Jacqui NSW 152.80
2 PASCOE Helen VIC 147.87
3 BURKE Kim NSW 145.87
4 HAINES Nikki NSW 120.50
5 RYAN Josie Qld 119.29
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