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On Episode 19, legendary Aussie David Graham (39.40) joins us to discuss his incredible path to the 1977 Australian Open and his subsequent Hall of Fame career, we talk about what the Presidents Cup does AND could mean to world golf and what part golf plays in the current political landscape. Alison Whitaker joins Mark Hayes and Andy Maher.










Posted by Sidney Lin at
02/10/2017 09:40 PM
The presidents cup failures. Its a shame the international team gets flogged every two years. In the post mortems that have preceded, its preparation and team bondiong that is often highlighted. Well here is an idea. Why not, after each major, host a international team camp the day after and have say the top 16 or 18 attend the camp and play in team events against each other, fourball and foursomes all on that monday. So before the next presidents cup you will have 8 camps. All the guys that are probables and possibles get invited. You dont turn up to camp, you dont play. These guys are multi millionaires that are in contention to make the team, giving up 8 days over 2 years is not too much to ask rather than being shamed by floggings. Why not also do a dinner on the sunday night too, to let them bond and share their thoughts of golf, winning and the Pres. Cup. Yes its exhausting, as most of them would have played 6 rounds of golf, but this is when true grit and character comes through and you build a champion team and they have to dig deep physically and mentally to all be there in mind and in person for the camps. it builds a winning culture and the players become familiar with each other and fringe players get a taste for it and give them more reason to want it. Just a thought....

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