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National Camps

The goal of the National Camps Program is to value add to current SIS/SAS, State HP and home based coach programs for national and potential national squad players.

Camps will provide additional resources and data collection via coaching, sports science, sports medicine, and other technical expertise including media training, course management, international travel, periodization, short game and pre-shot routine.

By providing crucial information of the players physical, technical, tactical and emotional abilities long term plans can be better developed for each individual. Ideally this information is gathered at an early age (13-16 yrs) so the development process can be detailed and precise.

The National Camps Program will target and invite current elite players from the age of 13 and up, elite professionals including rookie squad members, PGA, LPGA tour members, elite coaches and elite athletes and programs from around the world to attend the camps. The camps will also offer an opportunity to talent ID our future national squad members.

Data collection from the camp programs will include but not limited to:

• Trackman data
• SAM putt lab
• 3D screening
• Psychological profile
• Physical motor pattern screening

The core reason for the collection of this data is to pass information onto the home coach or HP program so individual development plans can be designed and validated by the scientific data.

National Camps

Golf Australia will conduct a minimum of three National camps per year.

The National camps will be conducted at various facilities across the country including Moonah Links Golf Facility on the Mornington Peninsula and the Woodlands facility in Texas, U.S.A.

All national squad players will be required to attend the national camps. Players who are competing overseas or competing in the U.S college system will not be required to attend.

Golf Australia will cover all expenses for the invited players including flights, accommodation, food, golf facility access and service provision. Golf Australia will endeavour to provide the best possible resources and informational tools the world has to offer to give the players the best opportunity to reach their full potential.

The resources and information given to the players will be communicated back to the player’s home base coach or HP program via the player’s national coach. All National coaches are required to attend National camps. The National camps also provide educational opportunities for the National coaches as we strive to develop the best coaches in the world. This information can be passed back to the elite coaches in each State program.

It is extremely important that the process of duplication is minimized during all National and State based National camps.

An effective and efficient communication process between the National coaches, Golf Australia, players, high performance programs and the home base coach is extremely important during this process.

This is the most vital part of the camp process as information can be misinterpreted and mis-guided back to the home base coach and HP program, thus leading to confusion by the player. All stakeholders must work together in providing and communicating the information back to the players service provider team.

State Based National Camps

The State based National camps will be structured to value add to the national and potential national squad players programs and to provide a platform for players to better understand the physical, technical, tactical and emotional requirements needed to be an elite amateur or professional golfer so individual long term plans can be developed. State based camps will also provide a better opportunity to talent ID our future national squad members.

Golf Australia will conduct three to four (2-3 day) State based National camps annually-GA will cover the costs for the use of the State’s HP service providers and additional service provision outside of the State’s service provider list if required and qualified.

The State Association's National Coach, while working with the State Associations, will be responsible for setting up objectives for each camp, dates, times, practice facilities, and food.

The curriculum and the number of players invited to each state based national camp will be determined by the national coach. It would be GA’s recommendation that only 4-6 players each day attend the State based national camps.

Service providers can require close to 2 hours with each player. This could vary based on the number of service providers who are part of the camp program. It is recommended that the State based National camp only be offered to the players with potential to be elite amateur or world class professional golfers.

All National squad members in the state must be invited to all State-based National camps. A list of names and a resume of each player needs to be sent to the GA HP Director before official invitations are sent out to players.

The funding for the State based National camps will be directed towards a small but elite group of players only.

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23 February 2017
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