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Golf Month 2017 - Marketing Tips

The most important thing to do is to take advantage of the traffic that will be driven to this website through the national marketing campaign by uploading your Golf Month activity (or offer).

Golf Month activities should be as welcoming, social, fun and inclusive as possible.

Contact us with any exciting news and content and that could be promoted through the Golf Month website. We would love to hear from you!

Club Members

  • Consider setting targets for your Golf Month activity and publicising these to build awareness and motivation
  • Encourage your members or regular players to bring along neighbours, workmates, family and friends to your Golf Month activity; we’ll be incentivising club members to share the game through the national marketing campaign, so watch this space (we’ll also be providing editable posters that you can use to promote your Golf Month activity within your venue)
  • During the campaign period, distribute Golf Month flyers (also to be provided) to your members and regularly remind them of the planned Golf Month activity
  • Emphasise to your members the importance of welcoming new people and helping to grow the game
  • Ask high profile members to be your Golf Month ambassador(s) to promote your activities through their networks and social media channels
  • Ask members who may be in the media, own a local business or work for a local council or primary school to help promote your Golf Month activity e.g. to their customers via their databases.

Local Businesses, Sponsors and Sporting Clubs

  • Approach local businesses and sponsors to promote your activity; ask them to include flyers or posters at their business and/or communicate the activity to their customers
  • Contact your local sporting club or fitness centre and let them know about your activity; you could organise a reciprocal arrangement – provide a free golf activity for the sports team and they could do something similar for your members (it could be helpful to do this through a club member who already has a role with a local sporting club).

Digital and Content

  • As soon as possible, update your website with information on your Golf Month activity and use the MREC and leaderboard provided
  • In August, get familiar with the national marketing campaign, which will provide you with videos and photos to use to promote your Golf Month activity; we’ll even provide you with suggested posts for social media
  • The campaign provides a great opportunity for clubs and facilities to create local content – particularly news stories, photos and footage; if you send it to us, we’ll share through the website and our social media channels too where possible. 

Media Exposure

  • Utilise the media release template (coming in August alongside the announcement of this year’s competition details); include the details of your activity and distribute to your local radio station and newspaper for potential free promotion
  • In addition to the national marketing campaign, clubs and facilities can choose to advertise Golf Month activities in local newspapers and radio stations; we recommend working with your state or territory golf association to secure the most effective exposure for planned activities.


  • As with any business, building a database of potential customers is critical; capturing names, email addresses and phone numbers of participants and those who express interest via the Golf Month website should be a priority – these interested parties can then be engaged with beyond Golf Month
  • It is also recommended that clubs and facilities fully utilise existing databases to promote Golf Month activities.


  • Arrangements have been made for clubs and facilities to order signage on request; this is a great way to bring the campaign to life
  • Pull-up banners, feather banners and PVC fence mesh can be ordered through Star Outdoor (details to be provided – please note orders will take up to 21 days to be shipped from the time of payment).

Case Studies

If you're looking for some inspiration, take a look at these thought and idea provoking case studies. And please be sure to share summaries of your activities and successes to help with next year’s campaign.


If you have any queries or require further information or assistance regarding any aspect of the Golf Month campaign, please feel free to contact us on 03 9626 5050 or


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