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The Golf Australia media manager writes and talks a far better game than he plays. Has happy knack of finding great on-course yarns but has a great head for Australian Open Radio. Read Columns
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Has covered golf around the world and in Australia since Bobby Jones' time (or so it seems). Once played Augusta National (badly) and has been attempting to capitalise on the fact ever since. Read Columns
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Golf's walking and digging encyclopedia - he used to play, once fell on his ball and handed Su Oh the wrong club for the very first shot hit by an Australian woman in the Olympic Games. Read Columns
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John is Scottish, bald, overweight and the master of the sickening knee-high fizzer from 75-yards. Nevertheless, his wife, mother and children all claim to love him dearly. Read Columns
20 April 2018
South Australian Antonio Murdaca has won the inaugural Blitz Golf at Glenelg Golf Club in a thrilling day of golf. Read more
20 April 2018
Adelaide City Councils North Adelaide Golf Course will be running a series of Empower Golf Australia inclusion clinics kicking off on Friday 11 May. Read more
Inside The Ropes
20 April 2018
WYONG: Women: Stableford: Div 1: S Foskett (20) 37. Div 2: J Rushton (27) 34. Div 3: B Moran (41) 35. more
20 April 2018
ALTONA LAKES: Snr Stableford: 9-hole: L Warner (12) 17. more
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