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Women's Tasmanian Senior Amateur

29 - 30 January 2017

The Women's Senior Tasmanian Amateur (Judy Elphinstone Trophy) is an Australian Women's Senior Ranking Event. It is for players aged 55 and above, and is played over 54-holes stroke play. It is conducted by Golf Tasmania.

Visit the websites of the host club – Kingston Beach Golf Club, Tasmania


Online Entry

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Championship Conditions

1. Eligibility
1.1 Eligible B Grade competitors are female amateurs whose Golf Australia women’s handicap is no less than 18.5 and does not exceed 26.4 at the time of entry.
1.2 Eligible C Grade competitors are female amateurs whose Golf Australia women’s handicap is no less than 26.5 and does not exceed 45.4 at the time of entry.
1.3 Eligible Senior players are female amateurs who have reached their 55th birthday before 29 January 2017 and whose Golf Australia Handicap does not exceed 45 at the time of entry.

2. Championship Procedures
2.1 The Championship shall be played over 36-holes of stroke-play, 18-holes on Sunday 29 and 18-holes on Monday 30 January, 2017.
2.2 The winners will be the Tasmanian Women’s B Grade and C Grade Amateur Champions and each will receive the championship gold medal. The nett champions will receive silver medallions.
2.3 Senior Flights
New-Age Veterans Flight - 55-59 years
Veterans Flight - 60-64 years
Super-Veterans Flight - 65 years and over
2.4 The winner will be the Tasmanian Women’s Senior Amateur Champion and receive the championship gold medal.

3. Championship Committee
3.1 The Championship will be under the management and control of the Championship Committee consisting of Golf Tasmania’s Tournament, Rules and Ratings Committee and Operations Manager.
3.2 In the absence of the full Championship Sub-committee such members thereof as may be present at any time may give a decision and any decision shall be deemed the decision of the full Championship Sub-committee.
3.3 The Championship Sub-committee will have sole management and control of the Championship, with full power at any time to alter or vary any one of the Conditions.
3.4 The Championship Sub-committee decision on matters affecting the Championship will be final.

4. Rules of Play
The Rules of Golf, as adopted by R&A Rules Limited, will apply together with Local Rules as drawn up by the Championship Sub-committee.

5. Entries
5.1 The exact handicap certified at the time of entry is the handicap to be used in the case of a ballot. For all other purposes, the player’s handicap at the commencement of the first round will remain for the entirety of the event.
5.2 The entrance fee for the Tasmanian Women’s Senior, B or C Grade Amateur Championship ONLY is $30.00 (Inc. GST). A further $20.00 (Inc. GST) is applicable should the entrant wish to enter a second concurrent championship (excl. Judy Elphinstone). The entrance fee for the Judy Elphinstone 54-Hole Tournament is $33.00 (Inc. GST).
5.3 Entrance fee must be paid at the time of entry.
5.4 Entries must be made on the attached entry form.
5.5 Entries must be made with the Secretary, Golf Tasmania, PO Box 410 Rosny Park, 7018 (2 Queen Street, Bellerive) not later than 5.00pm on Monday 16 January, 2017. It is the sole responsibility of the entrant themselves to ensure that their entry is received prior to the closing time for entries.
5.6 The maximum field size for the Tasmanian Women’s Senior Amateur, and B and C Grade Championships is 84. In the event of applications exceeding the number of places available, entries for higher handicap competitors will be decided by handicap ballot. Unsuccessful entrants will be informed without delay and given the opportunity to compete if withdrawals subsequently occur. Entrance Fees will be refunded to entrants balloted out, who do not compete.
5.7 Late entries may be accepted at the discretion of the Championship Sub-committee.
5.8 Acceptable payments methods are only as follows – credit card (online only), cheque (personal or bank), money order, cash (please note that Golf Tasmania will not accept responsibility for cash sent that is not received) or funds transfer (BSB: 083 155, Account: 70151 0951). Cheques or money orders are to be made payable to Golf Tasmania.
5.9 Entrants must conform in all respects to the Rules of Amateur Status, as adopted by R&A Rules Limited.
5.10 The decision of the Championship Sub-committee as to acceptance or refusal of any entry will be final.

6. Ties
6.1 In the event of a tie or ties for the Championship, unless the Championship Sub-committee otherwise determines, play shall continue over such holes as the Championship Sub-committee shall decide, players being eliminated hole by hole as they fail to maintain equality with other or others until the winner is determined
6.2 Ties in handicap events will be decided by count back in accordance with the system approved by Golf Tasmania.

7. Conforming Golf Balls and Time of Starting
The specimen conditions in the Rules of Golf are in effect as regards to Conforming Golf Balls and Time of Starting.

8. Starting Position of Players
The starting position of players on the same score will be determined by the ‘first-in-last-out’ procedure as approved by Golf Australia.

9. Driving Clubs
Any driver the player carries must have a clubhead, identified by model and loft, that is named on the current List of Conforming Driver Heads issued by R&A Rules Limited.
Exception: A driver with a clubhead that was manufactured prior to 1999 is exempt from this condition. (The list may be viewed at
Stroke-play – Two strokes for each hole at which a breach occurred; maximum penalty per round – Four strokes.
* Any club or clubs carried in breach of this condition must be declared out of play by the player to their marker or fellow competitor immediately upon discovery a breach has occurred. If the player fails to do so, they are disqualified.

10. Practice
Practice will be available on Saturday 28 January.

11. Motorised Transport
During play, it is prohibited for a player to ride in or on a motorised vehicle unless specific written permission has been granted by the Championship Play Committee. (NB Subject to host club permission, a caddie may use motorised transport at any time.) Penalty: 2 strokes for each hole at which a breach occurred; maximum penalty per round – 4 strokes (unless permitted to ride by a member of the Championship Rules Committee).
Procedure when breach discovered: Use of any unauthorised form of transportation must be discontinued immediately upon discovery that a breach has occurred.
Note i: Permission will only be granted to entrants who can provide a Medical Certificate.
Note ii: GT takes no responsibility for the availability of golf carts.
Note iii: Permission will be granted on the basis that the following requirements are adhered to. Players failing to adhere to these requirements are liable to have such permission revoked:
Players who drive at a pace which is clearly quicker than walking pace; and/or who drive to a point past their ball which is clearly unreasonable for a player who is not using motorised transport to reach, are in breach of these requirements.
In the event of a breach between the play of two holes, the penalty applies to the next hole. Use of an unauthorised form of transportation must be discontinued immediately upon discovery that a breach has occurred. Otherwise the player is disqualified.

12. Pace of Play
Rule 6-7 will be strictly enforced. Each group must maintain it’s position on the course with respect to the group preceding it. Any group with a clear hole in front of it will be considered out of position. Penalties will be issued to individuals in such groups who by their pace contribute to such delay. Warnings may not be issued prior to penalties.

13. Drug Testing
All competitors are subject to drug testing by the Australian Sports Anti-Doping Agency for banned substances as laid down in Golf Australia’s Anti-Doping Policy. Any competitor infringing this policy, or refusing to take a test, will be disqualified and subject to any sanction(s) brought down by ASADA. Clarification of any medication can be obtained via the ASADA hotline – 1800 020 506, or from

14. Database of Competitors’ Details
The personal data contained in this entry is permanently retained by Golf Tasmania. This data may be utilised by Golf Tasmania or its sponsors for the distribution of correspondence, in both electronic and hard copy means. From time to time players may be sent entry forms, event literature or marketing material by the sponsor(s) of Golf Tasmania events, or information about events conducted by Golf Tasmania-approved bodies. Upon receipt by Golf Tasmania of a written request, a player may either have access to their details, or have their details deleted from the database.

15. Distance Measuring Devices
A player may obtain distance information by use of a distance-measuring device. If, during a stipulated round, a player uses a distance measuring device to gauge or measure other conditions that might affect his play (e.g. elevation changes, windspeed, etc), the player is in breach of Rule 14-3.

16. Scoring
It will be obligatory for all competitors and markers to sit with the scorers provided to check their card hole-by-hole.

17. Code of Conduct
All entrants assent to be bound by Golf Australia’s Code of Conduct. A copy of the code is available at

18. No Smoking
All competitors and caddies are subject to State Government laws prohibiting the smoking of cigarettes, cigars or the like during the course of any round played in a competition.

Player Information

For further information, please contact Golf Tasmania on:

Phone: + 61 3 6244 3600
Website: Golf Tasmania.

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