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Kevin Streelman Interview Transcript


Retired after the 4th hole where he made bogey. He was at even par for the tournament.

PAT WELSH: Kevin you’re about to leave with a marshal and head to hospital?

KEVIN STREELMAN: Yeah I woke up this morning and something wasn’t right in my eye. The doctor said it was pretty badly infected. I’ve been trying to do some drops but I started getting dizzy and it’s the first time I’ve ever done it at a tournament (withdrawn). I’m really sad to do it but I’m going to head hospital and make sure everything’s okay.

PAT WELSH: The conditions didn’t help. It happened overnight and you’re in quite a bit of pain…

KEVIN STREELMAN: It’s pretty rough right now but we’ll see what we can do.

PAT WELSH: Kevin you’ve given us great joy over the last couple of weeks and you’re were under par and you’ll only had to keep it going but as you said you just cannot continue.

KEVIN STREELMAN: Yeah it’s a little too much to keep going with. Everything’s been awesome here in Australia and I really appreciate the hospitality and look forward to coming back.

PAT WELSH: We thank you for talking to us.

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