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Enter our Women's Participation Project Competition!

Golf Australia is running a competition to uncover the most innovative idea to drive increased female participation in golf.


Golf Australia and the Australian Sports Commission have embarked on a research project to develop a new innovative golf program/initiative to attract female participants into the game.

Participation in golf is moving towards greater casual play and increased non-club membership. Since 2000, the number of playing members at golf clubs in Australia has been slowly declining at an average of 1.48% per annum. There are several reasons for this decline which include a time poor society, cost and an increasing number of other emerging recreational pursuits.

Female representation in golf accounts for approximately 20% of the total participants in the game. Therefore there is an opportunity for golf to address this under-representation in the sport and increase overall golf participation.

In order to assist this research project, Golf Australia is running a competition to uncover the most innovative idea to drive increased female participation in golf.

The winning entry, to be judged by a selection panel appointed by Golf Australia, will receive a Drummond Golf voucher valued at $1,000.00.

Entries close on Friday 6 September at 5.00pm


Posted by Arthur Little at
05/09/2013 11:28 PM
The single most important thing a golf facility must do is "fit" the course to the women's game. This almost always means installing shorter tees so that women can reach greens in regulation. Tees should be 4000-4200 yards with the maximum being 4500. My wife and I owned a course in the US for ten years and completely rebuilt our tee system so that we gave women (and senior men) a choice of tees at 4169 and 4900 yards. Our women's play increased from 15% to 35% and Juniors (don't forget them if you want to get women) play went from 1.5% to 7.5%. This is not an expensive proposition as the first step is to make temporary tees at a flat spot until there is certainty they are in the correct location. Only then are real tees built. Ours cost $80,000 and gained us 2,000 women's rounds per year. Facilities can do all the other "nice stuff" for women, but if they don't have a course they feel is fair and on which they can have fun, it will not work. Arthur Little Former co-owner, Province Lake Golf Parsonsfield, Maine USA
Posted by Trish Gray at
05/09/2013 04:34 PM
Free Beginner Clinics of say, 6 - 8 ladies, are a must with a very nominal fee for hire of clubs. Their own 9 hole competition with one or two Club Members walking with them until they are ready to move to the full 18 hole competition. Friendly starting times i.e. after 9.30 am to allow for school duties to be carried out. Membership fees should be set at a reasonable level so as to encourage the move away from casual social play.
Posted by Jill Bunting at
28/08/2013 06:07 PM
I would encourage the post 50 year old women to realise the health and social benefits of joining a golf club. Family commitments will often impact on the time zones of golf with younger women but ultimately the game will reward all women who choose to put in time to a fantastic sporting experience.
Posted by D. Allan hammond at
21/08/2013 02:31 PM
Female membership at our Golf Club also suffers from small numbers. I suggest that any female golfer who thinks that they want to take up the sport of golf be given a substantial membership fee reduction that is gradually increased over a period of four years to full membership rates. I would be happy to see a female beginner's fee start at 20% of full membership value and increase by 20% each year. Golf clubs my put a limit on the number of females who take up the membership offer each year.

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