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Boosting women's participation a key goal

Golf Australia is working to get more women and girls involved in golf.

Golf is a technical game that sees many Australians participating for a number of reasons including social interaction, competition, exercise and the enjoyment of being outdoors.

Golf Australia has identified a gradually decreasing number of females participating in their typically male dominated game.

The Australian Sports Commission (ASC) and Golf Australia are currently working together to engage more women in all aspects of golf.

Golf is a fun and engaging game which currently sees over 400,000* Australians having a golf club membership. Research has shown that females are significantly underrepresented, making up approximately 22%* of all memberships.

As part of Golf Australia’s current participation plan, they have identified a need to take a greater leadership role in ensuring effective engagement with the female market to lead sustainable growth in participation across the sport.

Golf Australia CEO, Stephen Pitt says, "Women’s golf is a key pillar for progress. We want to see more women and more girls engaged with the game, whether that’s socially to begin with and leading to club membership in the future or as simple as beginner golf lessons or time on the driving range.”We have decided to make a strategic move and amp up the attention to encourage the participation of women in our wonderful sport."

"There are a lot of terrific reasons for women to be involved in golf and those that are speak highly of the friendships they have and the lifestyle and health benefits of the sport. Work has been done in this sphere previously but we want to take this further and have a more strategic approach," Pitt says.

To implement the plan and develop a strategic way to engage women, Golf Australia has set up an action group with representatives from Professional Golfers’ Association (PGA), Australian Ladies Professional Golf (ALPG), Golf Australia board members, golf clubs, the ASC, state bodies and Tennis Australia.

Through the diverse action group, Golf Australia hopes to execute positive outcomes which meet the needs of the female markets to ensure sustainable growth.

* Statistics from the Annual Membership Census carried out by Golf Australia, 2012.


Posted by Nancy at
25/04/2013 10:37 AM
How can this be meaningful while most clubs do not allow women to play on Saturday? Why would young women feel welcome in a club when they are barred from accessing the same time sheet their male counterparts are free to use?
Posted by Magda at
14/04/2013 02:31 PM
Club level is where work needs to be done. The most intimidating aspect of golf is often the other Ladies.
Posted by Gaetan at
15/03/2013 07:05 AM
I am very interested in how we can help in this area. We are developing a number of ideas to introduce women to the game in an off course environment, in locations that are readily accessible and non-intimidating. We can create the introduction but need local clubs to help with the next step of club participation.
Posted by Denise at
14/03/2013 09:25 AM
How about looking at how clubs treat women members? Equal fees does not mean equal treatment.
Posted by Patricia at
13/03/2013 06:46 PM
I have taken up golf at 69 and loving it, after corporate life its so much fun. Good to watch the top girls playing too, lets have more of that.
Posted by Sevi at
13/03/2013 03:47 PM
Why isn't there a push for more golf - especially womens golf, to be broadcast on free to air tv? Wouldn't it be another way to inspire young girls to get into the sport?
Posted by Dave at
12/03/2013 12:51 PM
We would like to know how we can support this goal and how the ALPGA can support us in the same outcome? We would love to see more women enjoy this great game and at our award winning club. Cheers Dave Clare President, Spalding Park Golf Club

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