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Amateurs celebrate consecutive aces at The Lakes

The Lakes Golf Club
The 9th hole at The Lakes Golf Club.

The Lakes Golf Club is set to host some of the world's best golfers in a fortnight but the club's members are putting on their own show before the big guns arrive.

In an extraordinary feat, two players in the same group recorded consecutive aces at the 124 metre Par 3 9th hole in the weekly Member’s Wednesday competition

The two players were Jonathan Cook from Beverley Park Golf Club who has a handicap of 9 and Lakes member Peter Hough who has a handicap of 11.

Some international reports suggest the chance of this occurring at 17,000,000-to-1 (a better chance winning the lottery in some circumstances)

The group of four played the hole in 5-under par total (hole-in-one, hole-in-one, birdie, par).

The two players both used a 7-iron on the 124m hole.


Posted by Diane Griffiths at
22/11/2012 09:54 AM
I have read with interest the story in yesterday's Age about the two golfers at The Lakes and their consecutive holes in one and don't wish to steal their thunder but this is not an Australian first as claimed. My playing partner Jan Buccholz and I did the same thing on 12th June, 2005 on the 16th hole at the Anglesea Golf Club and I know that it has been done twice since. As far as I know however we are the only women to have done so. Congratulations however to the boys.

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