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Bali bombing survivor turned to golf in recovery

Bali bombing survivor Ben Tullipan. Photo: Courtesy Courier Mail

Ben Tullipan lost both his legs in the Bali bombing ten years ago and has used golf as a key part of his overall recovery.

"We use golf as a form of rehabilitation. It gives you balance back for leg amputees," he told the ABC News journalist Charmaine Kane.

"We help people with their walking on uneven ground, their balance and the arm amputees the golf gives them strength in the good arm that they've got and also hand-eye coordination again," Tullipan said.

"I have myself walking. It is a lot of hard work but yes I made myself that promise that I would never go into a wheelchair again," he told ABC News.

"I feel if I had gone to Bali and something had gone wrong with one of my computer legs ... that there's no technicians over there who could fix it."

Tullipan is the president of the Queensland Amputee Golf Association and is playing in a charity golf day on the Gold Coast where participants will take time to pause and remember the lives lost in Bali.

One hole has been set aside for quiet contemplation so players can reflect, light incense and remember lives lost in the Sari nightclub.

ABC News: Golf aids Bali blast survivor's recovery

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