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VIDEO Rule of the Week: Playing a provisional ball

Hit an errant shot? Not sure if your ball has stayed in play? It might be time to hit a provisional ball. And there's more to it than just saying "I'm going to reload."

Watch World Number 6 and R&A Working for Golf Ambassador Suzann Pettersen and R&A Rules Official Shona McCrae discuss the decision


Posted by Peter Wildblood at
18/01/2014 02:56 PM
Where a lateral water hazard lies adjacent to an out of bounds - and out of sight of the tee. Can a provisional ball be played? If the ball is subsequently "found" within the lateral hazard and not out of bounds, does the player have a choice of balls to play? Can this be covered by a local rule?
Posted by Ian at
17/07/2012 08:39 PM
Part of this should also state that you cannot hit a provisional ball if the ball went into a hazard otherwise the next ball is in play?

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