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Men's Senior Rankings

The Australian Amateur Ranking System provides players, as well as the industry, the opportunity to monitor player movements based on results from particular events (known as Australian Ranking Events), across the peak of amateur golf in Australia.

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2015 Final Rankings: Winner ~ Greg Rhodes (Vic)
2014 Final Rankings:
 Winner ~ Gordon  Claney (Vic)
2013 Final Rankings: Winner ~ Stefan Albinski (NSW)
2012 Final Rankings: Winner ~ Peter King (Qld)
2011 Final Rankings: Winner ~ Stefan Albinski (NSW)
2010 Final Rankings: Winner ~ Stefan Albinski (NSW)
2009 Final Rankings: Winner ~ Stefan Albinski (NSW)
2007-2008 Final Rankings: Winner ~ Rick Oliver (NSW)
2006-2007 Final Rankings: Winner ~ Denis Dale (NSW)
2005-2006 Final Rankings: Winner ~ Denis Dale (NSW)

Senior Team Selection

For all Australian Senior Teams, players must:

• be an Australian citizen;

• be a member of a currently-affiliated golf club; and
• if relevant, satisfy particular tournament eligibility criteria (in the conditions for the tournament for which a player is being considered for selection).

Note: The GA Championship Committee reserves the right to veto a selection, including “automatic selections”, where, in its absolute discretion, it feels a player’s record, behaviour, disciplinary history or participation is not in the best interests of the game or the relevant event.

The criteria below applies to the following events.

2016 Event: 16-18 November at Alabang Country Club, Manila, Philippines  

The 2016 Selections will be made following the SA Senior Amateur on 7-9 September 2016

• Top four (4) players from the Australian Senior Rankings as at time of selection
• Two (2) players at the discretion of GA

The two players selected at the discretion of GA will be required to meet the following criteria:
i. Any player of outstanding ability who will have attained the age of 55 at the time of the event even if they have not played in any Australian Senior Ranking events should be considered for selection as a GA selection.
ii. A player cannot be a GA selection on more than two (2) consecutive occasions unless they are the Australian champion.

2016 Event: 16-17 February at Royal Wellington Golf Club

Tony Kennings has been named Captain of the Golf Australia Team. For any queries, please contact Tony on:

Phone: 0437979465

The 2016 Sanctuary Cove Trophy Team will be selected following the ACT Senior Classic on 11-12 November 2015

• Top eight (8) available players from the Australian Senior Rankings
• Two (2) places at the discretion of GA
• Two (2) players at the discretion of the Captain, provided that the two (2) picks come from the top 25 of the Australian Senior Rankings

i. The Captain should be non-playing and have extensive Senior golfing, administrative or representative experience.
ii. GA will select the Captain and consult with them on the two (2) GA picks where necessary.
iii. The Captain will be named at least four (4) months in advance of the event.
iv. The Captain, subject to availability, should be named for two (2) Sanctuary Cove events whenever the schedule (i.e. Australia in September and New Zealand in February) is closely set down

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2016 Event: TBC  March 2015 at The National Golf Club

The 2016 ADF Team will be selected following the Royal Melbourne Senior Classic from 18-19 January 2016

1. As the event is not sponsored, players are required to make their way to the host club and contribute to the cost of the course (incl carts), accommodation and meals (estimated at $320). Players are required to stay with the team.
2. Players who have been selected in the previous Asia-Pacific Team or Sanctuary Cove Trophy Team are ineligible for selection. Similarly, should the next Asia-Pacific Team or Sanctuary Cove Trophy Team have been selected at the time of the ADF team selection, those players are also ineligible.
3. The leading one player from each State and Territory from the Australian Men's Senior Ranking System (provided they are in the top 40 of the Ranking System as at the time of selection and comply with 1. and 2.)
4. The next three (3) players (not included in 3. and comply with 1. and 2.) from the Australian Men's Senior Ranking System
5. One (1) Captain’s pick.
6. Should the number of players selected as per 3, 4 and 5 not reach 12 the balance become Captain's pick, but will be approximately in line with 4.

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National Senior Advisory Group

Golf Australia recognises the importance of a direct link with senior golfers to ensure that policies relating to senior players are in the best interests of both parties and golf generally in Australia. Accordingly, the National Senior Advisory Group was re-established in August 2012. Each of Golf Australia’s Member Associations has a representative on the Group. These representatives are:

> Chris Gordon (NSW)
> Brian Pepper (NT)
> Alan Davies (Qld)
> Chris Everett (SA)
> Stuart Eaton (Tas)
> Peter Ross (Vic)
> Graham Bowen (WA)

> Josie Ryan (Qld) – female representative

Seniors golfers may contact their representative regarding any matters relating to senior golf. The representatives’ details can be ascertained by contacting Golf Australia or the relevant State Association.

Useful Information

Australian Senior Order of Merit Website

Player State Pts Av
1 ENDYCOTT Harrison NSW 109.87
2 BAUTISTA Austin NSW 101.56
3 SMYTH Travis NSW 88.97
4 LUCK Curtis WA 84.81
5 FERGUSON Ben WA 83.06
> Full List
Player State Pts Av
1 GREEN Hannah WA 137.94
2 DAVIDSON Karis QLD 106.95
3 CHOI Robyn Qld 106.23
4 YUAN Celina NSW 102.25
5 CHOI Hye-Jin KOR 80.31
> Full List
Player State Pts Av
1 PILON Charlie QLD 117.33
2 FERGUSON Ben WA 112.77
3 LEE Fred WA 112.23
4 JOHN Cameron VIC 102.66
5 SANCHEZ Matias VIC 86.14
> Full List
Player State Pts Av
1 DAVIDSON Karis QLD 149.85
2 CHOI Robyn QLD 131.91
3 YUAN Celina NSW 128.46
4 KOBORI* Momoka NZL 126.08
5 CHOI* Hye-Jin KOR 121.10
> Full List
Player State Pts Av
1 RYAN Josie Qld 164.62
2 MORGAN Jacqui NSW 157.50
3 DAWSON Sharon WA 149.25
4 FISHER Ros WA 128.12
5 FERGUSON Glenys WA 125.40
> Full List
Player Country Pts Av
1 Jon Rahm-Rodriguez ESP 1562.71
2 Maverick McNealy USA 1550.71
3 Bryson DeChambeau USA 1358.38
4 Beau Hossler USA 1355.42
5 Robby Shelton USA 1344.83
> Full List
Player Country Pts Av
1 Leona Maguire IRL 1766.56
2 Hannah O'Sullivan USA 1628.95
3 Maria Parra Luque ESP 1588.32
4 Bronte Law ENG 1475.82
5 Sierra Brooks USA 1473.13
> Full List
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