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KOOYONGA: RS Thomson Mxd Canadian Foursome: A Flynn C Flynn 72.375, E Betro I Betro 73.375, A Hains D Bamford 74, G Giotis E Giotis 75.375, C Alexander J Deacon 76. Stableford: G Weston 41 N Rose 38 G Whitford 37 C Mason 35. more
ARDROSSAN: Stroke A: R Johnson 65. Ball winners: D Hosking 65 A Johnston J Zimmermann S Fryer B Wyartt 66 D Phillips R Farrell 68. more
NORTH ADELAIDE: Women Stableford: D Schwarz 39 H Kain 35 M Bak 34 S Lee H Tanaka L Blanden 33 B Barker L O'Loughlin T Wongsala 32 J Giersch C Mroczek 31 K Colchlasure H Silvy 30. more
KOOYONGA: Men Stableford A: R Fidock 37 L Elliott K Plummer 36 M Mitton R Young 34 M Kelly 33. B: A Morkunas R Mann T Haupt 34 J Lambert 33 A Porplycia 32 G Whitford 31. C: B Babidge I Kingsborough 38 K Wang P Richmond 35 G Marriott B Kitson 34. Green: D Wood 35 B Scrymgour 19 A Andrejewskis. more
KOOYONGA: Women Stroke: C Smith 72 J Hyde 73 E Giotis 74 D Bamford 75 H Moore 76. Stableford: I Betro S Sally 36 J Harley 34 P Heywood-Smith 33. 9-hole: M Stokes 17 J Harrop 16. more
NORTH ADELAIDE: Women Stroke: I Krewniuch S Lewis 74 S Lee S Lee 75 L Cheong 76 M Kaines 77 M Pyke N Saunders A Carney 78 YM Ko 79. more
MANNUM: Tues stableford: S Thompson 41 P Joyner 39 T Miller D Gaskell J Applebee 35. Thurs 9-hole: G Littlefield 22 B Houston 21 R Foreman 20 B Hughes 17 S Gregory 16 L Ridge-Cooke 12 C Meullengraff 8. Sat par: J Applebee B Banks S Thompson B Silcock D Gaskell R Scriven. more
NORTH ADELAIDE: Women Stroke: J Giersch M Middleton 69 M Bak 71 S Lewis A Belperio 74 E Hall E Shapcott 75 D Schwarz 78 M Prisk T Millar A Carney 79. more
NAIRNEL: Stableford: D McNamara 38 S Cowell 35 K Michielsen 32. NTP: 29th T Strout, 4th 13th K Michielsen, 7th 16th S Cowell. Eagles nest: 6th hole D McNamara. more
BARMERA: Stableford: I Girdler cb D Hicks 41 K Martin 40 L Wurth R Wurth P Ashton T Swanbury J Wright 39 P Fisher K Sampson 38. more
16 October 2017
To this point in time (9.30am Monday 16th October) Golf SA has received two (2) RSVP for the AGM due to be held Sat 21 Oct. Read more
06 October 2017
If ever there was a case of someone catching the golf bug, it’s Eliza Bartlett. Read more
Golf Australia