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Regulations for Amateurs to Provide Instruction

Golf Australia has altered the guidelines under which Amateurs can apply to receive payment for giving golf instruction. These changes encourage the greater delivery of programs aimed at introducing and/or engaging people in golf.

From the 1st January 2006 The R & A amended Amateur Status Rule 5-2b to read as follows:
“An amateur golfer may receive expenses, payment or compensation for giving golf instruction as part of a Program that has been approved in advance by the Governing Body.”

Golf Australia has worked with the PGA of Australia in setting the guidelines under which amateur golfers can apply to Golf Australia for approval to receive payment for instruction as part of a Golf Australia compliant program.

These guidelines encourage amateurs to work with PGA members in growing the game while also encouraging the provision of coaching in rural and remote areas.

Click on the links below for application details:

> Guidelines for Approval to Provide Instruction as part of a Compliant Program

> Application for Approval to Provide Instruction as part of a Compliant Program

> Frequently Asked Questions

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