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Rules & Handicapping Committees

GA is the governing body in Australia for Handicapping, Course Rating, the Rules of Golf, and Rules of Amateur Status.

GA will work with its Member Associations and the broader golf industry in administering and developing the national handicap and course rating systems, and in administering the Rules of Golf and Rules of Amateur Status. Decisions and policies ratified by GA apply to all golfers in Australia.

The Handicapping & Rules Policy Committee is the responsible Committee for these areas. It reports directly to the GA Board. The Committee has responsible to it the following advisory sub-committees:
- Rules of Golf & Amateur Status Sub-Committee
- Course Rating Sub-Committee
- Handicapping Sub-Committee

Handicapping & Rules Policy Committee
John Hopkins (Chairman)
Chris Allen
Robert Crosby
Simon Magdulski
Stephen Pitt
Michael Sammells
Jill Spargo

Handicapping Sub-Committee
John Hopkins (Chairman)
Chris Allen
Jon Gahan
David Greenhill
Bob Howe
Grace Letizia
Brian Martin
Moya Shepherd
Carmel Smith

Rules of Golf & Amateur Status Sub-Committee
Robert Crosby (Chairman)
Clayton Bell
Frank Gal
John Hopkins
Andrew Langford-Jones
Brian Lasky
Barry Shepherd
Cheryl Stevens

Course Rating Sub-Committee
John Hopkins (Chairman)
Tony Bourne
Tricia Clarke
Abby Driver
Di Monk
Lynne Ritchie
Jill Spargo

Click here to view the charter for the Handicapping & Rules Policy Committee and its three reporting Sub-Committees.

02 December 2016
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02 December 2016
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