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Western Australian club golf results - Thursday


   ROYAL PERTH: Medley Stableford: P Hearne 39 J Pleydell D Riddell D Bell 37 K Lennon J Irving H Sauer D Murphy M Ruschmann 36 K Taylor P Leschen M Marttinen I Low B Ossey J Armstrong O Martin 35.

   ALBANY: Tuesday 9-hole Scroungers: S Duncan 21 L Wilson 20. Wednesday Stableford: G Burgess 40 S Griskonis B Gors S Stone M Lane 38 E Ackland P Nelson 37  G Doubikin B Mason R Mearns J Hodgkinson S Opalinski C Anning K Selby 36 B Lowrie R Adams J Spinks M Adams B Harold G Wilcox 35. Scr: J Spinks 33. Thursday Women Stroke: K Moir 70 B Madden 71 V Spitz C Randall K Lane L Tichelar 72. Scr: B Madden 85. 9-hole Stableford: J Austin P Williams 20.

   MELVILLE GLADES: Wednesday Men Par: J Elliffe +6 cb, R Bayliss +6. Scr: D Warburton -2. Good Scores: D Ward C Hawkes R Belic D Pringle V Voykovich B Whyte M Dodd +5 R Stubbs J Hanafee +4 G Raper B Reynolds B Henderson D Payne J Tucker M Waters J Boros M Fahey +3 B Berry G Friday W Smith K Russell D Sapina A Taylor +2. NTP: 5th B Watt, 9th M Glasson, 14th B Heron, 17th S Smedley. Thursday Women Stableford: B Colbert 40 L Margesson. Good Scores: B Hayes S Van Der Brugghen L McVey 37 P Kneebone J Murphy 36 J Dagg M Potter 35 C Groves L Lively C Orr 34. 9-hole: M Owens 22 J Spencer 21. NTP: 5th P McHugh, 9th L McVey, 14th J Northrop, 17th D Banfield.

   ROYAL PERTH: Wednesday Men Stableford: J Nicholas (MGGC) 41 M Marttinen T Chua 40 L Tunnacliffe P Anderson 39 D Di Virgilio S Cripps N Carter 38 G Wilson T Miller M Dennis M Harris G Farr D McIvor R Di Virgilio 37 S Williams R Hawkins K Thomason G Reed G Lambert S Faulkner 36 A Sawyer A Sukys M Weinman B Tin J Taylor O Chua T Stabback B Siviour S Smith J Moreno 35. Scr: M Dennis 39.

   SERPENTINE & DISTRICTS: Mxd Scroungers Stableford: G Ward R Murphy 44 T Mason 42 R Brown 40 M Sweetman B Murphy TV Raven 39.



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