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20 July 2018
SERPENTINE & DISTRICTS: Mxd Scroungers Stableford: R McKay 39 J Fitzgibbon M Fancote 35 S Getwanuson J Raishley J Rafols 34. Read more
19 July 2018
ALBANY: Par: M Lane +3 D Bryson G Wilcox +1 R Barnes R Norman Square R Leonard H Wallis -1. Read more
18 July 2018
SERPENTINE & DISTRICTS: Women Stroke: Y Neilsen 71 nett S Stockey 72 J Hambley 74 L Fitzgerald 74 cb. Gross: L Borgward 90. Read more
16 July 2018
SERPENTINE & DISTRICTS: Men Stroke: M Atkinson 67 J Raishley S Getwanuson 70 J Fitzgibbon K Roberts J Gaitskell 71. Read more
15 July 2018
HARTFIELD: Stableford: A Griffiths 38 D Tranthim-Fryer C Kirkham M Foster 37 L Hansen K Anstiss P Phillips O Deglanville T LeBrun 36 K Ballantine B ... Read more
13 July 2018
ALBANY: Wednesday Men 4B Stroke: R Adams R Western 59, G Moncur F Wood, C Haven M Scriven 62, A Fasolo J Palandri 63 Read more
12 July 2018
MELVILLE GLADES: Stableford: B Thompson 41 M Pentland 40. Gross: D Warburton 33. Good Scores: N Talbot M Ensor H Tanudjaja 39 D Fillis I Bray B ... Read more
11 July 2018
ALBANY: Women 9-hole Stableford: M James 20 pts J Page 19 N Anderson 18 P Branderhorst W Ferguson J Williams 17 B Madden R Larosa 16. Read more
09 July 2018
SERPENTINE & DISTRICTS: Men Par: K Reeves +3 B Murphy G Locke +2 J Rafols R McKay G Little K Roberts F Cox +1. Read more
08 July 2018
ROYAL PERTH: Medal: M Calneggia cb A Broun G Johnston 70 A Stewart A Shakespeare 71 K Carr C Glass D Criddle A Ramsay Read more
06 July 2018
ALBANY: Women Par: L Wiles -5 W Ferguson F Griffiths -6 M Vanderbyl -7. 9-hole: J Austin 14 G Macmillan 13. Read more
05 July 2018
ALBANY: Stableford: J Smitts D Willmer 38 S Griskonis 37 P Nelson E James G Wilcox M Scriven 33 D Ridley R Barnes 32 I Skalko S Opalinski 31. Read more
04 July 2018
ALBANY: Ladies Scroungers 9-holes Stableford: M Mason 16 J Williams 15 B Gaze 14. MELVILLE GLADES: Ladies Stableford: Winner: J Murphy 39pts. ... Read more
02 July 2018
SERPENTINE & DISTRICTS: Men Stableford: R Malaquin 42 R Machura 40 J Rafols G Wholagan 39 G Locke B Murphy P Jones 38. Read more
01 July 2018
ALBANY: Stableford: A Simpson 39 A Warburton 38 T Piri R Mc Taggart S Opalinski 37 D Ash B Bowman R Mason 36 T WesterbergE Dul M Draper R Mearns 35. Read more
29 June 2018
ALBANY: Women Medal/Silver Spoon: L Moir 72 H Ericson 75 J Barrett 76 M Skinner R Sounness L Tichelar F Griffiths M Smith 77. Scr: W Stewart 90. ... Read more
29 June 2018
ROYAL PERTH: Medley Stableford: A Grobbelaar (Melville Glades) 37cb D Linton D Vyse 37 M Pleydell (Perth) M Marttinen 36 S Rundle 34 D Ibbitson C ... Read more
28 June 2018
ALBANY: Stableford: G Stocks 37 M Quinn 36 A Warburton B Osman 35 R Norman M Howson 34 G Burgess B Gors E Ackland 33. Read more
27 June 2018
ALBANY: Tuesday Scroungers Ladies 9-hole Stableford: J Barrett N Deegan 20 J Williams N Sutherland 18 B Gaze 17. Read more
25 June 2018
SERPENTINE & DISTRICTS: Stableford Multiplier: K Roberts J Sweetman 87, S Denman B Murphy, S Getwanuson J Gaitskell 70, K Gray G Byles 71, N Ivey J ... Read more
17 August 2018
Zach Murray is already focusing on the myriad positives after his bold run at the US Amateur Championship ended today. Read more
17 August 2018
There will be a public memorial service on Thursday, 27 September to reflect upon and celebrate the life of Jarrod Lyle. Read more
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