Club Golf Results

GOLF Link is the Australian national computerised handicapping service provided by Golf Australia (GA). GOLF Link calculates the handicaps of almost every Australian club member. The handicap records of all these golfers can be viewed on the GOLF Link public website –

Golf clubs perform their various handicapping and competition administration requirements via one of GOLF Link’s two club-level options.

These two options are as follows:

• The basic GOLF Link Tier 1 operating system.

• A GOLF Link Tier 3 operating system.

- “Tier 3” refers to the third-party companies that provide commercial software packages to golf clubs.

-These companies are accredited by GA to allow their software to interact with the GOLF Link systems.

- The “Tier 3” companies offer more advanced services than the standard “Tier 1” GOLF Link system.

- Additional “Tier 3” services may for example include point-of-sale systems, member account management, personalised score card printing functionality, etc.

- “Tier 1” is currently used by most smaller clubs. It will continue to provide all necessary handicapping services.