Julia Boland

Julia Boland

Date of Birth:

Most memorable moment:
SO many great memories!! Winning the Australian Strokeplay Champion, or being par of the Texas A&M team that won the Big 12 CHampionship.

Glenn Whittle

Low round:
-8 Lake Karrinyup. (I also shot -13 under in a practice round in college)

Tamworth, Magenta Shores

Favourite sporting team:
Texas A&M... anything

Favourite golfer:

Favourite food:
I love food.... all foods

Past results:
2012 Four Winds Invitational Champion (LPGA Symetra Tour)
T6 - Stage 1 LPGA Q-school
2nd - LPGA Stage 2
T41 Suntory Open

What has been the most notable difference between competing as an Amateur to a Professional?
Things, outside the game change when you turn pro. Like a working website, paying bills... the cost of playing tournament!!!!! Its literally starting a business!

Who has been your biggest influence in your development as a golfer and a person?
Karrie Webb

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